Socktober, the Month of Socks

Socktober lends its inspiration this week, where I have a rundown of ten previous banging’ Shinybees episodes that cover some great sock themed content. There are a couple of interviews, as well as some expert advice from Clare Devine on the Sock Surgery, all handily signposted from this episode.

I also share my embarrassing encounter with a Sgt from Chorley Police. Luckily, it wasn’t about Dave the Albino Ferret, or any illegal poaching.

Developmental Language Disorder – #DLDSeeMe

I’ve signed up to be an ambassador for RADLD – Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder. DLD Awareness Day is 16th October, and I share some common misconceptions about DLD in this episode, as well as explain a little bit about what it is. The aim of this is to raise awareness of this extremely common disorder that almost nobody has heard about.Yes, there is a reason this is a cause very close to my heart.

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Ten Great Socktober Podcast Episodes To Help With Your Sock Knitting

Ep 27 – Toe up or Cuff Down For Socks

This episode covers everything you need to know about the relative benefits and drawbacks of knitting toe up and cuff down.

Ep 29 – How to Make Socks That Fit

Ever knitted socks that are too baggy, too tight, too long or too short? Find out how to prevent these common sock maladies in this episode.

Ep 33 – How to Fix Your Socks When They Go Wrong

Everyone’s cocked up their knitting before, but what do you do when your socks go a bit wrong? It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to rip the whole thing out. Get tips on how to correct your mistakes here.

Ep 35 – Cast Offs For Socks

There’s a cast off for every eventuality and socks are no exception. Avoid socks that slouch, toes that pinch or cuffs that cut off your circulation with the tips in this episode.

Ep 38 – Louise Tilbrook – Everyday Knitter ‘Science by Day, Socks by Night’

Everyday Knitter’s Louise Tilbrook joins us in this episode talking about socks, designing and science.

Ep 43 – Short Rows for Socks

Short rows don’t have to be hard work, and they can add some great shaping and pattern options to your sock knitting.

Ep 53 – Knitting Socks in Summer

Socks? In summer? Sounds savage, but it’s totally doable with a few tweaks and some summer-style patterns. Find out how in this episode.

Ep 62 – Kate Atherley – Custom Socks

Kate Atherley joins us to talk all things making custom socks.

Ep 68 – Socks Yeah – Rachel Coopey

Rachel Coopey talks about designing socks and yarns for socks in this episode.

Ep 69 – Man Socks

Knitting socks for men is covered in this episode, with tips for what sorts of yarns to use in particular.

Wippin’ Piccadilly

In other news, I’ve completed my Snawheid and had the sewing machine out to sew up a split crotch (not mine).

I’ve welcomed in a new family member to Shiny Heights – Dave the Mini – and have been drawing unnecessary police attention.


Music for this episode with kind permission of Adam and the Walter Boys with ‘I Need a Drink’, available from iTunes.

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