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Jo Milmine

Show Host

Hi! I’m Jo Milmine.

In August 2012, I became the voice of the Shinybees Podcast, a podcast for those who like their knitting, yarn and comedy in equally large measures.

When I’m not enabling knitters and crocheters to the finest hand dyed yarns the world has to offer, or making the lives of overstretched business owners more manageable, I can be found walking my two Shelties (Womble and Bowser) on a windswept Northern hill, recording my weekly knitting podcast and doing a little bit of knitting myself. 

On really good days, I get to knit in the pub, with a real ale or a nice gin. Very occasionally, I’m a pantomime cat.

Need to know more? Here's five things you probably don't know about me...

  • The name ‘Shinybees’ comes from my Scottish Granny. It was one of her nicknames for me as a child.
  • I could fly a plane before I could drive a car.
  • I’ve a weakness for South African merino and a well-documented love affair with self striping yarns.
  • I always wanted to be on the Crystal Maze Christmas kids edition. Sadly, I never got to wear one of those funky shell suits, but I’m all over applying as an adult when they do the reboot.
  • One day, I’m going to dye a range of yarns inspired by my favourite film: Zoolander.

About the Podcast

Imagine you’re at the pub, knitting and gin on the table and having a laugh with a bunch of knitty pals. That’s the promise of this podcast, which pinballs from serious social issues to dogs in comedy knitwear, the relative benefits of tinsel and eyelash yarn and everywhere in between.

Meet some of your favourite designers and dyers in the interviews, learn new tips and tricks to improve your knitting or enjoy the best funny patterns Ravelry has to offer in this weekly show.

News, reviews, funny stories and sharing of knitting scenes from around the world complete the show lineup. 

Podcast Reviews
  • Refreshing
    January 22, 2019 by yellikeh from United States

    Just returned to my love for knitting and this is the right amount of time and info to get me inspired for knitting. Easy to listen and learn about what new in the knitting world.

  • Informative and fun
    January 18, 2019 by ShazDent from United Kingdom

    Recently found the Podcast and loving listerning to it. I am new to knitting and I am learning lots about the various yarns and patterns available. The podcast is delivered with a very friendly and inviting manner.

  • All the best aspects of fiber fun
    July 9, 2018 by kaxxie from United States

    This podcast manages to encapsulate all that is wonderful and good and fun and delightful about crafting. It is warm and funny; newsy and thought-provoking; supportive and snarky; interesting, challenging, bold, and ever-encouraging, with a perfect balance of progressiveness and respect for tradition. Jo provides great perspective and shares awesome interviews with fascinating people. If you are a crafter, you should recognize yourself and feel well-welcomed here. If you’re not yet a crafter and wonder what the fuss is about, Shinybees will help you find out. I give it all the stars I have to give.

  • Your new knitting BF
    June 29, 2018 by gotoz from United Kingdom

    Yarn, knitting, life..from entertaining and funny one minute to intense and deadly serious the next, this podcaster is a great friend to knit with. I have to thank Jo for bringing into my life the art and design of Woolly Wormhead, Jane Murison and Countess Ablaze, among others.

  • Hilarious
    June 5, 2018 by kateeprice from Australia

    Jo is so funny - and she really tells it like it is. She has taken me on travels far and wide, and loved this from the South African beginnings, all the way through the various parts of the UK. (katepricey on Rav)