Knitting, gin, books and a lucky scarf

This week’s show is dedicated to Liz Marley aka @greensideknits, dear friend and listener of the podcast. An epic knitter and all round awesome, kind and witty person who will be very sadly missed.

Liz’s Lucky Scarf

General Update

There’s a general update to get us started, with the tale of Liz’s Lucky scarf and how it continues to bring me good luck years later. The podcast will be on the move again in summer to Surrey. We weren’t expecting to have to move so soon, but we needed to make it happen in a fairly tight (3 week) timeframe. As such, a lot of things had to go on hold rather quickly, podcast included.

We thought we had found a serendipitous house and put in an offer, only to be gazumped after the offer was accepted, by someone else, in pretty disappointing circumstances. Never fear; I rolled out Liz’s Lucky Scarf and all was fine in the world… in fact, it was doubly fine.

You can hear more about the origin of that scarf and also the first time I met Liz in Clowns, Swans and Unicorns.

Wippin’ Piccadilly

Knitting-wise, I’ve been working on my #DeliciousLittleJoysKAL project which still isn’t finished. After a false start where I re-learned the lesson that one is never too old for a lifeline, I’m focusing on getting at least one row a day in on that project. I’m knitting Glitz at the Ritz by Helen Stewart aka Curious Handmade using Eden Cottage Yarns Bedale 4ply.

I’m also working on a modular blanket project using West Yorkshire Spinners ColourLab DK to make a Nintendo themed blanket. The patterns are washcloth patterns from Carolyn Lisle at The Periwinkle Dragon [RAVELRY LINK].

Ginning is Winning

Gin-wise, there’s a recipe for a refreshing sloe gin fizz.

You’ll need:

50ml sloe gin
20ml lemon juice
15ml syrup
20ml egg whites

Shake together the sloe gin, lemon, sugar syrup, a rosemary sprig and the fresh egg white with ice. Then, shake without the ice to ensure maximum frothage. Serve straight up in a wine glass with a slapped rosemary sprig aloft.

What’s on the Bookshelf?

On the book reviews, sticking to the Fantasy/Steampunk angle we have a review of the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carrier, Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw and The Stranger Times by CK McDonnell.

I’m on Goodreads as Jo Milmine.


Music is Adam and the Walter Boys with ‘I Need A Drink’ used with kind permission and available from iTunes.

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  1. ReginaMary says:

    With a title like that, Jo, what’s not to love???

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