Episode 3: The C word


Image details: ‘C’ by chrisinplymouth, via Flickr.

Hello and welcome to episode 3 of the podcast: The C Word. This week we are definitely not going to be talking about Christmas knitting, it is a different kind of C. There will also be the Wippin’ Piccadilly section as usual, along with a bit of travel talk about the Kruger National Park and I introduce the Shinybees Knitting Big 5.

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The Afrikaans Language Monument

Image Details: ‘The Afrikaans Language Monument’ by teachandlearn, via Flickr

Following the recent theme of not strictly craft related posts, this one is about my attempts at learning Afrikaans. Or Afrikaant, as I prefer to call it at the moment! I am using ‘Teach Yourself Complete Afrikaans’ by Lydia McDermott, which is available as a book, a CD or as a package with both included. I went for the package, which I ordered from The Book Depository, a company I’ve used before and who, rather helpfully, do free worldwide delivery! This was delivered to an address in the UK before I left, and took about 5 days to arrive. This book should take me up to A-Level standard in the UK.

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