Go On Retreat With Brenda Dayne at Gwlana


Ever fancied yourself taking a bit of time out of life to relax, knit and spend time in the company of like minded people?

Developed by knitting podcaster and designer Brenda Dayne, the Gwlana retreat takes place in Wales twice a year, with the next retreat happening on the weekend of 15-18th May 2015. There’s another planned for October 2015 too.

Brenda will be teaching a workshop, along with the wonderful Felix Ford of Knitsonik, with her Quotidian Colourwork. Gwlana means wool-gathering in Welsh, which seems a perfect moniker for this retreat, which attracts knitters from across the UK and Ireland as well as further afield.

“Knitting is an international language,” says Brenda Dayne, the voice behind the original knitting podcast Cast On. “We’ve had knitters come from across the UK, Ireland, the US and Canada and even as far as New Zealand to be part of the Gwlana retreats. No matter where someone is from, knitting creates connections that are as strong as knitted fabric itself. We’re really proud of the friendships that have been forged at Gwlana and the community that has grown from the various retreats.”

On the Sunday afternoon of the retreat, knitters will enjoy a pop up marketplace featuring wares from online retailer Purlescence and local Welsh indie dyer Triskelion Yarn, among others. The marketplace will be open to the public and an opportunity for an informal ‘knit and natter’ with the retreat participants. If you can’t make the full retreat, this would be a great way to spend a Sunday on the coast.

If you can’t make either, why not check out the group on Ravelry?

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Another 10 Random Facts

Gun Barrel Proof House, Banbury Street, Digbeth - 10 mph sign

Image Details: “Gun Barrel Proof House, Banbury Street, Digbeth – 10mph sign” by ell brown, via Flickr.

Inspired and enabled, as usual, by Martine “The Enabler” iMake (that SO makes her sound like a WWE wrestler) as well as Kate from Kate’s Twirl and the lovely Mossy Moss Stitch, I have cobbled together 10 random facts about me. I was surprised to find that, even though it seems like I know the above-mentioned people quite well from the online world, there is actually loads of stuff I don’t know about them. I was very surprised to find that Kate was a twin, for instance.

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Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2013

Writing Apparatus

Image Details: “Writing Apparatus” by Kazarelth, via Flickr.

The 4th annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is coming up next month, between the 22nd and 28th April. This is run by Mimi of the Eskimimimakes Blog, and involves Knitting and Crochet bloggers taking part in a week-long series of blogs, one per day, on a specific theme. The themes for this year are due to be released tomorrow, so if the idea of doing a post a day is a bit daunting, you can write some in advance and schedule them to post automatically on the given day. This is also good if you are expecting to be away or busy during that week.


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Olympic Gold

Push on Norman!

Olympic Gold was an awesome game for the Mega Drive, which was released in 1992 to coincide with the Barcelona Olympics. I was a big fan of the 100m sprint, although winning this involved rapidly pushing the A and B buttons to make the little guy on the screen run faster. How Sega have not been slapped with law suits from a whole generation of children who are now afflicted by RSI, I do not know. I still own a Mega Drive, in fact, we have 2: one is my Brother’s old workhorse that has seen many years of play and blowing out of dust from cartridges, and the other is a pristine, still in box version that I bought for my now husband back in the day. Yes, I am afraid we are that retro!

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The Spirit of Christmas

christmas tree explosion (day 9 of 365) EXPLORED!!!
Image Details: ‘christmas tree explosion (day 9 of 365) EXPLORED!!!’ by stephenvance, via Flickr

I know, I know, I can’t believe I am writing a blog post about the ‘C’ word either. In September. It hasn’t even been Hallowe’en yet, not that it makes much difference to the retail industry, who are already trying to push gaudy decorations on us like some kind of shady drug dealer. Not that I have a particular problem with Christmas decorations, in fact there was a stray piece of red tinsel up in our old house until we moved. In July.

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From Ewe to Yarn: Short back and sides.

Warning Sheep!

Image details: ‘Warning Sheep!’, by pearsongraphics, via Flickr

Sheep shearing and wool production has been an important part of the UK’s sheep industry for the past 6000 years. Sheep are usually sheared at the beginning of the summer months, as they no longer naturally moult, to prevent them overheating in the warm weather. For many centuries, wool was the UK’s most important export and the cloth trade led to the development of many of the nation’s industrial towns. Today, the UK is the 7th largest producer of wool in the world, exporting around a third of its annual clip, however with wool prices around 50p per kg, the value of the wool for most farmers does not cover the cost of shearing.
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Baby girl album

Image Details: ‘Baby girl album’ by jerseygal2009, via Flickr.

Things have been a little quiet on the crafting front at Shinybees HQ for the past couple of weeks since a special delivery on 28th March, when the Babybee came crashing into the world. Whilst she is a good model for my booties, I simply haven’t had time to even pick up a needle (let alone eat or sleep, really) and the blogging has been a far distant ambition on the list of things to do today.
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