Olympic Gold

Push on Norman!

Olympic Gold was an awesome game for the Mega Drive, which was released in 1992 to coincide with the Barcelona Olympics. I was a big fan of the 100m sprint, although winning this involved rapidly pushing the A and B buttons to make the little guy on the screen run faster. How Sega have not been slapped with law suits from a whole generation of children who are now afflicted by RSI, I do not know. I still own a Mega Drive, in fact, we have 2: one is my Brother’s old workhorse that has seen many years of play and blowing out of dust from cartridges, and the other is a pristine, still in box version that I bought for my now husband back in the day. Yes, I am afraid we are that retro!

Awaiting the procession.

The tenuous link in this post is to the Olympic Torch Relay that I went to see a couple of weeks ago at an undisclosed location in the North West of England. I managed to get some happy snaps of Norman the torch bearer along with some of the other bits of the procession. Disappointingly, I will not be receiving advertising revenue from the sponsors that are shown in some of the piccies, but such is life.

The Lloyds bus, looking not at all unlike those retro buses in Malta.

Samsung. I’m a big fan. Give me a free TV please.

Haaaaaallllidays are coming! Haaaaaallllidays are coming. In 6 months.


You’re a long way from home, son!

The spares…

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