What will be the knitting trends for hand knitters in 2021?

Not that I am in any way an authority on the finer points of craft fashion and popularity, but these are my predictions for what will be the knitting trends for 2021.

Knitting Trends For 2021

Nubian Queen by Sylvia Watts-Cherry. Image Copyright Sylvia Watts-Cherry. Available from www.withcherriesontop.com (click image for link)

1. Intarsia

It’s not the first time Intarsia has featured in my list of predicted trends for the year, and it’s not quite fulfilled its promise as yet in terms of reaching that top knitting trend popularity. There have been a few notable patterns, but it has still to reach mainstream appeal. I think this is because the patterns haven’t been quite ‘must have’ enough, but also it’s a bit of a fiddly and more involved technique. Once one of the big designers gets in on this, I think it Intarsia will become a bigger trend.

2. Texture

We’re all in need of some comfort as we slide into a second year of restricted living. As such, I think a big knitting trend this year will be chunky texture. Think big, thick comforting cables, heavier weight yarns and any project you can wrap yourself up and cocoon in.

Boucle yarn

3. Textured Yarns

Hot on the heels of the knitting micro-trend of holding mohair yarns double with a smooth yarn, I think textured yarns will be more popular. This may be in the form of novelty yarns (ok just me). More likely, it will be as an interest in different yarn constructions in natural fibres. Bouclé, chainette and fringed yarns will emerge in popularity. Designs will also feature bigger textured elements, such as fringing, tassels and frills.

Petrie by Susan Crawford Vintage. Image Copyright Susan Crawford Vintage. Pattern available from susancrawfordvintage.com (click image)

4. Tank tops

Once the preserve of the 70s, then the 90s, tank tops or knitted vests are going to be a catwalk trend this year. As such, expect them to become a hand knitting trend this year too. Whether it be stranded knits or more utilitarian pieces, expect more patterns for knitted vests.

Yukon Campfire Hat (buffalo plaid) by Liz Sutton. Image Copyright Liz Sutton.

5. Checks and Plaid

Hand knitted checks will become more popular in 2021. Whether it is a tartan style, plaid, checks or argyle, it will emerge as a knitting trend.

6. Sophisticated Loungewear

High quality knitted loungewear that’s a bit fancier than athleisure will be a big trend. Not necessarily hand knitted versions, but commercially available knitted garments as opposed to synthetics.

Yarn trends for 2021

I think more interesting yarn constructions will increase, particularly in natural fibres. Stash usage will increase as stock backlogs from Covid and Brexit delay distribution.

What are your thoughts? What do you think will be a big knitting trend in 2021? Let me know in the comments below!

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Glitz at the Ritz by Helen Stewart. Image Copyright Helen Stewart.


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