Ep 120 – Rusty Ferret with Leona Jayne of Fluph

Leona Jayne Page, Rusty Ferret Dyer and owner of Fluph in Dundee

It’s a chatty and fun episode today with the enigmatic Leona Jayne Page of Rusty Ferret/Fluph. Voted back onto the show as a guest for the second time, Leona tells us about how she moved from yarn shop owner into hand dyer. You can hear the first appearance by Leona on the show in this episode, where she talks about moving from forensic psychobiology to yarn.

Rusty Ferret

Who is Rusty Ferret?

Rusty Ferret was, when we last met Leona, in the closet as a ‘local dyer’. Well, the worst kept secret in knitting was uncovered. Leona was revealed as the dyer behind Rusty Ferret. Rusty is a steampunk gentleman and Leona is kind of his handler. Inspiration for her colour ways is found everywhere. Leona has a particular love for the saturated and neon colours.

Much excitement ensued at the news of subscription boxes and new yarn lines. Polwarth is championed as one of the yarn bases Leona stocks. She described in detail how she came to decide to use this particular fibre, and its benefits for both dyeing and creating garments.

Rusty Ferret Yarn

Image Copyright Leona Jayne Page.

Since the last episode, Leona married her now husband Mark. Never one to be shy and retiring, here she is rocking the sequins on the big day.

Leona does Wedding Chic. Image Copyright Leona Jayne Page.

DPNs vs Magic Loop, Commercial Yarns vs Hand Dyed Yarns

We cover a number of other topics in this episode. Commercial yarns sparked some debate, as whilst they are affordable and uniform, I consider them to be a little bit boring. DPNs vs magic loop for knitting in the round had leona and I on opposing sides of the fence. I like DPNs! The economics of Primark clothing was another topic covered. Ever fancied getting into Art School? Leona has the scoop on that, too. Apparently it’s all about being able to do ‘mark making’, and doesn’t require the ability to actually draw.

Fluph Rusty Ferret Minis

You can find everything about Leona at http://www.fluph.co.uk

Music for this episode is used with kind permission of Adam and the Walter Boys, with ‘I Need a Drink’, available via iTunes.

Episode 101: No Dalmatians Required


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Welcome back after a short break to the podcast. I’m deee-lighted to be back with you once again, as I have missed you terribly during the break. Having hoped to have moved by now, I am still, sadly, in the same house, but hopefully moving next week.

So, I know you’re all wondering – did Mini Paul Rudd buy the house?

I’m afraid not. I think he bought a smaller one in the next street, and took his somewhat handsome father with him. Luckily though, after a viewing with Chinese Jackie O and another one in which my first impression was one of ‘OMG does Vicky Pollard live here’ (to them, not them to me), we got an offer and are cracking now with the sale as quickly as their ineffectual conveyancer will allow. Which is pretty much at a glacial pace.

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Episode 93 – Alpaca Love

ep93 promo

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These hot temperatures are having some side effects, I need to open my windows for survival. That means the choice between some potential atmospheric background noise or an unconscious host. I’ve soldiered on in the belief that I’m pretty pivotal to this podcast and chosen the former. As summer approaches we are beginning to think about summer knitting, which I have discussed before, quelle surprise in the approach to last summer and summer knitting yarns.

Today is the first instalment of my fibre focus on Alpaca. More Alpaca love was requested by a listener in my survey last year and as always your wish is my command. I will touch on it today as an introduction but there will be much more info to come in the coming weeks.


Oh I’ve a few things to share with you today. Firstly, and probably most importantly, the New Media Europe awards are back. Remember those from last year??

Yeah you do, you bunch of winners you!

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Episode 89: Paula Abdul Would Be Proud

Image Details: Los Angeles by Wilson Loo Kok Lee, via Flickr.

Image Details: Los Angeles by Wilson Loo Kok Lee, via Flickr.

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This wee’s episode is a little later than planned but here nonetheless. Paula Abdul discussed the concept of two steps forward and two back. If you’ve not heard ‘Opposites Attract’ for a while, I bring it to you for your listening delight.

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Episode 86: Knitting on a Train

Train carriage to add to the bunting train, by the Craftivist Collective, via Flickr

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There can be no escaping EYF chat this week, though there is no rubbing noses in it, I promise. Key points include attending the pub with some podcast Patrons – the benefits are endless folks, get involved. A big thank you to everyone who brought cards and gifts for me, it really blew me away. Special mention to Jenny, Kate and Hannah – a bee cake – Perfect! Still, it’s not a watch… I also thoroughly enjoyed hosting my session on Friday and will be doing a repeat on Thursday at 8. It is my first official webinar and if you’d like to be involved please sign up to the mailing list so I can send you the replay. There will be workshop notes available too. It is entitled ‘How to create a Content Calendar for your Blog or Podcast (and still have time to knit)’.

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Episode 85: The Little Grey Girl – An Interview with Gemma Dudley

gemma dudley

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Just a short intro this week, I’m saving myself for an epic catch up and lots of shout outs next week after EYF. Which will come up lots this week as it’s very nearly here. In that vein I am rekindling my love affair with Periscope so if you cant be at EYF add me on there – Shinybees – and I will take you along with me! I will be hosting a free session at Edinburgh Yarn Festival on creating a content calendar for your blog or podcast in the Podcast Lounge on Friday 18th March at 2pm. Come and see me to get sweeties there, as it’s my birthday. If you’re not going, but would like to attend the free replay of this session, along with the Q&A I am running on Saturday at 2pm, they will be taking place the week after Edinburgh Yarn Festival. To receive your invite to these free online webinars, join this mailing list.

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Episode 84: Yarns From The Plain – An Interview with Nic Rudd

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This week we’re joined by the wonderful Nic Rudd of Yarns From The Plain, purveyor of lovely British hand dyed yarns and voice of the Yarns From The Plain podcast.

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Episode 82: Commit

Tasmania Cradle Mountain Summit Hike, by Eli Duke, via Flickr

Tasmania Cradle Mountain Summit Hike, by Eli Duke, via Flickr

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The podcast is brought to you this week from Daan Saaf, still with Real Ale though, obviously. This week I’m taking the time to point you in the direction of two of my latest little hobbies, Anchor and Snapchat. I like Anchor because its audio messaging and I have a face for radio. Get on and send me a ‘wave’ @Shinybees. Snapchat is lots of fun, I’m enjoying posting a rolling feed of 10 seconds clips that stay for 24 hours and explain my day. Come and watch my work by adding shinybees as a friend.

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Episode 77: Knitting Goals

Image Details: 'Goal Awaits Game - Essaouria, Morocco by AG Gilmore, via Flickr.

Image Details: ‘Goal Awaits Game – Essaouria, Morocco by AG Gilmore, via Flickr.

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This week’s episode follows on from the excitement of preparing for the knitty events of the year to looking at what you want to achieve in your knitting this year. Lots of people are cracking out new planners and diaries, so it’s a great time to think about how to get to where you want to be in terms of improving your skills, tackling projects or trying new things.

Enablers’ Corner

Be enabled to the Nature’s Shades KAL and the TGS Vintage KAL.

Image Details: 'You are never too old to set an new goal or dream a new dream' by BK, via Flickr.

Image Details: ‘You are never too old to set an new goal or dream a new dream’ by BK, via Flickr.

How to Set Knitting Goals

1) Set goals that you find exciting and motivating. Ask yourself why achieving this goal is important to you. Knowing this will help you when the knitting gets tricky.

2) Set goals you can measure progress against. You need to know where you are starting from and where you are going to in order to measure progress. Progress is the important thing, not actually reaching the goal. You need to know how much you have improved as this will spur you on.

3) Write it down somewhere you can see it often and write it down as though it has already happened.

4) Planning, planning, planning. Go back to basics and do the work to see if what you are planning is achievable. Work out your requirements, the speed at which you know, the timeframe you have available and how much you can produce per day and ask yourself, “Is this feasible?” If not, pick something easier (or interim goal) or give yourself longer.

5) Accountability. Tell people with a vested interest in seeing you succeed what your plans are and update them often. It can be motivating having external accountability when trying to achieve goals.

Image Copyright Woolly Wormhead. Downloadable via Ravelry or available in print on website.

Image Copyright Woolly Wormhead. Downloadable via Ravelry or available in print on website.

Review: Woolly Wormhead’s ‘Painted Woolly Toppers’

The latest book from Woolly Wormhead is reviewed today on the podcast. ‘Painted Woolly Toppers’ is a collection of ten hats designed specifically for handpainted yarns and are structured to show off the very best elements of varigated colour ways.

I interviewed Woolly Wormhead in Episode 61,where she talks in detail about her approach to design.

My favourite design is Lamitra.

'Lamitra' from Painted Woolly Toppers. Image Copyright Woolly Wormhead. Downloadable from Ravelry.

‘Lamitra’ from Painted Woolly Toppers. Image Copyright Woolly Wormhead. Downloadable from Ravelry.

I enjoyed the interesting constructions (something Woolly is known for) to the designs as well as the firm embrace of crazy handpainted yarn in this book. There is also a good range of difficulty levels to the projects. The styling and photography is really appealing and extra bonus points are awarded for the shoot taking place in the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

What I would have liked to see (we have to find some areas for improvement!) is more information on the yarns. The name is there and colour way name, but there is no weight/yardage readily available. I am sure I could find this if needed, but I want to know as I am looking so I can mentally shop the stash and estimate how long the projects will take. I really liked the photography, so I would have liked more images of the projects.

Would I buy it? I will as soon as I start to knit more hats, as I just don’t knit many at the moment. It’s a great vehicle for expanding upon basic hat knitting and construction and I’m always looking for ways to use the crazy handpainted yarns I am so fond of!

Can you buy it? Yes you can, via Ravelry either as single patterns or an eBook. You can also get a hard copy of the book, along with the ebook at Woolly’s website. You’ll also find some of her free patterns available for download on her website too, so you can try them out!


That’s all from me this week. As always, thank you for listening. Feedback is always appreciated, and you can email me or message me via Ravelry or social media. If you enjoyed listening today, please consider leaving an iTunes review, to help others find the podcast too. Happy crafting!

Episode 76: Knitting Calendar

Image Details: '13 Dec 2011 - Countdown to Christmas' by John Davey, via Flickr.

Image Details: ’13 Dec 2011 – Countdown to Christmas’ by John Davey, via Flickr.

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Hello and welcome to the first episode of 2016. I hope you all enjoyed the festive period and got plenty of knitting time in!

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