Funny Christmas Knitting Patterns

Funny Christmas knitting patterns are order of the day. This week we take a trip down memory lane to 2014, and a pattern pick I originally recorded for A Playful Day podcast. It’s a Christmas themed one, and it – of course – contains some great comedy knitting patterns. There’s also some podcast news, and a new training I have been working on – Podcasting Unpacked – that’s coming very soon!

Podcast News

In the news, I talk about Podcasting Unpacked. This is a project that’s been in the back of my mind for nearly four years now. Whilst I’ve been offering podcast training and consultancy for other people, it’s never had its own brand before. There’s been far too much of me indulging my inner impostor. I’ve watched several people who’ve taken my training go on to position themselves as podcast experts, all whilst I have sat there thinking I didn’t know enough. Well, after nearly 9 years in the game, I think that’s rubbish.

I’m looking forward to making podcasting easy for everyone in 2021 with Podcasting Unpacked.

Brewtime Podcast

I was delighted to be asked to be a guest on Episode 1 of the Brewtime Podcast. Fiona, the host, is a longtime listener of the show and it was amazing to see her launch her own podcast. The podcast is about making content that matters and how that feeds into your business. We talk a lot about the Shinybees podcast and how it led me to what I am doing today. I also extol the virtues of giving people chips, peas and gravy when they ask for chips, peas and gravy.

I heartily encourage you to take a listen and check out Fiona here.

Funny Christmas Knitting Patterns

A vintage pattern pick from 2014, did you say? This was originally released on another podcast. The audio is pretty banging for 2014 and it’s still funny, so I decided to do a remix and bring it back to this podcast!

I love a comedy knitting pattern. A funny Christmas knitting pattern always goes down well, and if you can find one that will make your motorbike helmet festive and bearded at the same time, so much the better!

Santa hat Funny Christmas Knitting Pattern

Santa Helmet by Salihan Laugesen. Image Copyright Salihan Laugesen.

1) Santa Helmet by Salihan Laugesen – RAVELRY LINK

Sadly, this ace free pattern is no longer available. The internet is truly a sadder place for its removal, but we can still appreciate this funny Christmas knitting pattern for the genius that it is.

2) Santa Pet Sweater by DIY Maven

Who doesn’t want a cute Christmas sweater complete with loop knitted edging for their beloved pooch?

Santa Toilet Cover by Maggie Weldon. Image Copyright Maggie’s Crochet.

3) Santa Toilet Cover by Maggie Weldon

Maggie Weldon is my toilet cosy hero. I absolutely love her commitment to making the smallest room in the house as festive as possible, including this epic Santa toilet cosy. You can buy this pattern for $7.99 here.

Santa hat and Beard by Ellen Gormley. Image Copyright Coast and Clark.

4) Santa hat and Beard by Ellen Gormley

There’s no end of Santa themed fancy dress option with this free funny Christmas knitting pattern from Yarnspirations!

Santa Claws by Chloe Weil. Image Copyright Chloe Weil.

5) Santa Claus by Chloe Weil

Worth checking out the project pages [RAVELRY] just for the photos of annoyed looking cats! You can get your own copy of this free pattern and annoy your feline friends and small dogs to your heart’s content.

Santa’s Hat TP Topper PA206 by Maggie Weldon. Image Copyright Maggie’s Crochet.

6) Santa’s Hat TP Topper PA206 by Maggie Weldon

Not content with including Maggie once in this pattern pic, here she is again with another funny pattern. Ensure your spare loo roll adds to the festive ambience with this toilet paper topper! You can buy this pattern for $5.99 here.

7) Santa Beard by Sisse Holmstrup

Never be caught out by the need to have a beard for school or fancy dress ever again! This cool pattern would be great for those who are trying to grow a beard but have a face covered in bum fluff. It’s also good for Santa, of course! You can download this pattern free here.

Santa Claus Dog Hat by Posh Pooch Designs. Image Copyright Posh Pooch Designs.

8) Santa Claus Dog Hat by Posh Pooch Designs

Let your dog join in the holiday fun with their very own hat! You can buy this pattern for £4.71 here.

Santa’s Surprise Panty by Joan McGowan-Michael. Image Copyright Joan McGowan Michael.

9) Santa’s Surprise Panty by Joan McGowan-Michael [RAVELRY]

I see no finer use for eyelash yarn than this.

Playful Santa hat by Mimi Alelis. Image Copyright Mimi Alelis.

10) Playful Santa hat by Mimi Alelis

A great free pattern for a playful Santa hat for your bears.


Music for this episode is Adam and the Walter Boys with ‘I Need a Drink’, available from iTunes.

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