Episode 95: Orange Mocha Frappucino with Countess Ablaze



Hola everyone, I am back from my ‘holiday’. Don’t let the flippant Spanish there throw you off, I’ve not been anywhere and haven’t even had time to knit! In fact I’m still knitting the lace panel for #RewindKAL. Been very busy with other things and Casa Shiny is like a madhouse as usual and that’s taking up much of my headspace. A couple of important points to note before we get down to the good stuff (and it really is good today):

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LushPodKal Techniques 3: Short Rows and Wrap and Turn

Down With Shorts!

Image Details: ‘Down With Shorts’ by theotherdan, via Flickr.

This is the third in a series of blog posts exploring techniques used in the Lush Cardigan by Tin Can Knits, and some recommended resources for those techniques I have used.

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LushPodKal Techniques 2: Blocking the Lace Yoke

lushpodkal soak wash blocking lace

Doing the lushpodkal? Need help with blocking the yoke?

I’ve put together my thoughts on blocking in general, with a handy video at the end of the post, for those who prefer to watch how to do it, instead of reading about it. The lace yoke, which is the first part of the cardigan that is knitted in this pattern, needs to be blocked before the stitched can be picked up for the collar and main body. In case you aren’t too familiar with how you’d do that, I’ve put together this handy guide.

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LushPodKal Techniques: Provisional Cast On


Image Details: “042307Crochet_cast-on” by cabezalana, via Flickr.

In preparation for the impending start of the LushPodKal, I have been researching the best resources for learning the techniques that will be needed during the course of the pattern. I know that quite a few people are knitting their first ever adult garment and some are a little nervous about new techniques that they will be trying. Hopefully, I can take some of the pain out of finding a good tutorial (not all Google searches are created equal, my friends!) and you can find something here to help you along.

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My Top 5 How to Knit Top Down Socks on DPNs Website Tutorials for Beginners

Close up for colour appreciation!

Close up for colour appreciation!

Being the generally all round awesome Daughter-in-Law that I am – not to mention the only DiL, so not a lot of competition to beat off, admittedly – I recently gifted my MiL with some sock yarn. Not any old sock yarn, but some Nurturing Fibres sock yarn.

Now we all know how fond I am of this particular Indie Dyer. This year, she has released a number of new sock clubs, one of which being the ‘Colours From Africa’ club. As my MiL grew up in Kenya, I knew she would enjoy this particular club, as it would undoubtedly bring back warm memories of living in Africa. She decided she wanted to knit her first every pair of socks when the yarn arrived, so who was I to refuse a bit of enabling?

Sock love..

Image Details “Sock love” by the_vampire_hanna, via Flickr.

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