My Top 5 How to Knit Top Down Socks on DPNs Website Tutorials for Beginners

Close up for colour appreciation!

Close up for colour appreciation!

Being the generally all round awesome Daughter-in-Law that I am – not to mention the only DiL, so not a lot of competition to beat off, admittedly – I recently gifted my MiL with some sock yarn. Not any old sock yarn, but some Nurturing Fibres sock yarn.

Now we all know how fond I am of this particular Indie Dyer. This year, she has released a number of new sock clubs, one of which being the ‘Colours From Africa’ club. As my MiL grew up in Kenya, I knew she would enjoy this particular club, as it would undoubtedly bring back warm memories of living in Africa. She decided she wanted to knit her first every pair of socks when the yarn arrived, so who was I to refuse a bit of enabling?

Sock love..

Image Details “Sock love” by the_vampire_hanna, via Flickr.

Socks can be a bit daunting for the uninitiated. I know this, because I haven’t long been a sock knitter myself. So for my dear MiL, and those of you who want to give socks a try, but need a bit of gentle encouragement, I have collated my Top 5 Top Down Socks on DPNs Tutorials.

Number 1: Silver’s Sock Class

This is a photo tutorial. It was recommended to me when I first decided to learn to knit socks, the one I used to knit my first pair and it is always the one I return to when I am a bit stuck. There are also tutorials on the website for toe-up on a circular needle and two at a time socks. You can also link in the pattern on Ravelry.

Number 2:

This is a video tutorial, which is split up into different chapters, if you will, for each of the different events. There is an accompanying pattern, costing $8 USD, but you could use the videos without the pattern if you wished. That said, the videos alone are probably worth the $8.

Sock it to me

Sock it to me

Number 3: Knitter’s Review

This is a photo tutorial. It has a very detailed written explanation of how to do top-down socks, as well as some great links to other tutorials and websites, so it is very comprehensive in my opinion. It does not come with a pattern, but you would be able to use it with any top-down pattern you chose. Unfortunately, a couple of the pictures in this tutorial are a bit out of focus, which is a bit disappointing as the rest of it is very good.

Number 4: Wise Hilda Knits Training Sock (Kate Atherley)

This tutorial is available as a downloaded PDF from the Wise Hilda Knits blog, as well as Ravelry. It is a written sock pattern with explanations for each step, designed to be knitted in one night. Yes, really! That is because it is a tiny sock. It will take you through all the techniques quickly and you will be able to prove to yourself that you can, indeed, knit a top-down sock. You won’t however, be able to wear said sock at the end. It’s written by Kate Atherley of Knitty fame, so she knows what she’s talking about!

Number 5: Rhythm Of The Home

This is a photo tutorial. Not strictly for the beginner, I would say, it does have the advantage of being accompanied by a textured thermal sock pattern. This would be a good go-to for a second pair of socks, if you wanted to do something a little different.

The Matrix Socks.

I have tended to stay away from video tutorials this time, as I think they deserve a separate post of their own: indeed, YouTube has a plethora of good – and not so great – videos on all aspects of knitting techniques. So, go on, unleash your inner sock monster and give sock knitting a try!

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