LushPodKal Techniques: Provisional Cast On


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In preparation for the impending start of the LushPodKal, I have been researching the best resources for learning the techniques that will be needed during the course of the pattern. I know that quite a few people are knitting their first ever adult garment and some are a little nervous about new techniques that they will be trying. Hopefully, I can take some of the pain out of finding a good tutorial (not all Google searches are created equal, my friends!) and you can find something here to help you along.

The first technique I will cover is the provisional cast on. This is used in the pattern as one half of the lace panel on the yoke is knitted, before the other half is picked up and knitted in a mirror image. There are quite a few different techniques for the provisional cast on, and here is a quick round up of some of the better tutorials.

First up is the knitted crochet cast on video from New Stitch A Day.

Here we have a written tutorial from Leethalknits for the knitted cast on, if you prefer. I don’t think it is as clear as some of the others, but it does have pictures covering each step, unlike some others.

Then we have the long tail provisional cast on, as shown in this video from

Again, if you would rather learn from a written version, you can find one here at Knit and Tonic. This handy PDF file could easily be saved on your smartphone for future reference.

Of course, Tin Can Knits has provided an easy to follow photo tutorial too. This looks like a slightly more fiddly way to do it, so I will be trying one of the others, but I shall include it here for the sake of completeness, and because it has very clear photos and great annotations.

Hope that’s enough to get you started. I’ll be collating more tutorials during the week for other techniques needed. If you know of a good tutorial I haven’t mentioned, please leave the URL in the comments!

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