Knitted Wreaths For Christmas

With all the joy sucked out of life at the moment, it’s time to turn festive up to 11! As a massive Christmas fan, I’m always one to have the real tree picked out, chopped down and in the house by the last week in November. This year, I’m planning to go a little bigger on the decoration front and add quite a bit more to interiors to get in the spirit. After all, it’s not like we’re going to be anywhere but indoors for a while. And when it comes to fairy lights, more is always more. So this week I have a pattern selection to share with you for knitted wreaths for Christmas.

I’m aware some of my lovely listeners don’t celebrate Christmas, so I’ve been sure to add some suggestions that are suitable for you too. As always, there’s a mix of free and paid patterns. Where possible, links go to designer’s own sites. Be aware some links go to Ravelry if you have accessibility difficulties on that site.

Knitted Wreaths For Christmas Pattern Pick

Woolly Wreath and Garland by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. Image Copyright Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.

1) Woolly Wreath & Garland by Church Mouse Yarns and Teas

If a not too traditional wreathy looking wreath is your desired option, this woolly wreath pattern could be the choice for you. It comes with a small and large wreath option, as well as a garland pattern. You’ll need some extra gubbins for the body of the wreath: a boxed wired wreath form and some muslin in the colour of the yarn. That said, this is definitely an everyday wreath design and can be hung all year round.

If you’re hanging it outside, consider swapping out the wool for acrylic for easier cleaning. Stylecraft do a chunky yarn with plenty of colour options; King Cole and Lion Brand also provide a lot of cost effective options. I’m a huge fan of King Cole Tinsel Chunky so I’d obviously use that. Consider holding the yarn double with a carry along glitter thread (Drops or Twilleys of Stamford have options) for a bit of bling without going full on glitter.

The pattern is available from the Churchmouse Yarns and Teas website for US $6.

Awreatha by Rachel Kluesner. Image Copyright Rachel Kluesner.

2) Awreatha by Rachel Kluesner

This is a worsted weight pattern which can be knitted using two strands of fingering held double. Sized in small, medium and large, it’s a versatile pattern that you can use for any holiday. Simply change up the yarn to match the celebration. The tufted appearance adds a bit of interest beyond the usual hoop. It is a great blank canvas option to adorn with other accessories, be those natural ones like holly, acorns or flowers, or knitted ones.

You can buy this pattern for US $5 from Dyeabolical Yarns.

Woodland Wreath by Frankie Brown. Image Copyright Frankie Brown.

3) Woodland Wreath by Frankie Brown

(Ravelry link)

Frankie Brown is one of the most prolific designers out there, and has been featured in the pattern pick a number of times. The Woodland Wreath is Christmassy enough without being Christmassy at all. Covered in super cute miniature hedgehogs, flowers, leaves and toadstools, it could be used all year round. This is a free pattern to download on Ravelry, and as with many of Frankie’s patterns, if you’d like to say thanks, you can make a donation to the Children’s Liver Foundation.

Frankie has over 540 patterns on Ravelry so if this one doesn’t suit, check out one of her many others.

Hampstead Wreath by Wendy Baker and Belinda Boaden. Image Copyright True Brit Knits.

4) Hampstead Wreath by Wendy Baker and Belinda Boaden

How glorious is this wreath on this front door? Another very versatile wreath pattern with bags of options for customisation according to the season. Change up the colours of the pompoms to make it halloween or valentines themed, make them in the colours of your local football team, perhaps. Or, you can add faux or natural foliage and adornments to customise the wreath to your heart’s desire. The Sirdar Softie the pattern calls for is widely available and try affordable.

It is a free pattern available from Ravelry courtesy of Mason Dixon Knitting (now called Modern Daily Kitting)

Merry Knitmas Wreath Body by Sue Stratford. Image Copyright Sue Stratford.

5) Merry Knitmas Advent Wreath by Sue Stratford

Designer of the famous Volt (Ravelry link) sweater, Sue Stratford is also behind the Merry Knitmas Wreath. Offered as a 27 pattern ebook, the design is accompanied by 24 patterns for miniature adornments to personalise your wreath. These miniatures could easily be used for a variety of other decorations, such as for the tree, or for adding to Secret Santa parcels. The miniature dog is a highlight, as is the hedgehog and the lamb.

You can buy the eBook on Ravelry for £11.50.

Christmas Jumper Wreaths by Zoe Michel. Image Copyright Zoe Michel.

6) Christmas Jumper Wreaths by Zoe Michel

There’s nothing that pleases me more than some impressive looking Fair Isle knitting. Unless, of course, the knitting in question has a secret message on the back. If that message happens to be from Die Hard, so much the better. So if you want a fancy wreath with some subversive messaging, you should check this pattern out.

You can find Christmas Jumper Wreaths on Ravelry for free.

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