Ep 164 – Knitted Wreaths For Christmas

Knitted Wreaths For Christmas With all the joy sucked out of life at the moment, it’s time to turn festive up to 11! As a massive Christmas fan, I’m always one to have the real tree picked out, chopped down and in the house by the last week in November. This year, I’m planning to…

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Damask of Doom: A knitter’s curse?

Image Details: ‘Lil’ devil hat’ by thomasina, via Flickr. Do you ever get that feeling, when you start a project, that you are a bit doomed to failure? Like there is some celestial force which just does not want you to finish it. Bad joo joo if you will? That the craft karma fairy is…

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The Sock Monster

Image Details: ‘Sock Monster.’ by laurenbeth93, via Flickr. It would seem that I have fallen into a trap. A trap that favourite podcasters and bloggers have often declared that they would avoid. Knitting something that life is indeed too short for. An item of knitwear I too, would never bother with because, well, I just…

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