Knitting Challenges for 2021

It’s a new year so naturally, there’s a lot of chat around about challenges, projects and planning. Today’s episode is about knitting challenges. Are you taking part in any for 2021? Don’t worry if you aren’t; hopefully this episode will still be useful for you, and there is no lack-of-challenge shaming!

Which Knitting Challenges are Happening in 2021?

There are plenty of variations on the theme of knitting challenges. It all depends upon whether you would prefer a formal ‘challenge’ ie something that is actually called that and designed to be such, or something that has a similar effect, without being called a challenge.


If you’re looking for a more informal type challenge, then any knitalong would likely fall into this bracket. A knit along is where a group of people all knit on the same pattern at the same time. Alternatively, participants knit at the same time, but use different patterns or yarns that are grouped along a theme. Knitalongs can be an easy way to dip your toe into knitting challenges, without it getting too serious.

Formal Knitting Challenges

This is where there is a formal structure and outcome around the challenge, with varying levels of rigidity about what is required to be knit and when.

2021 Make 9

Make 9, where you select 9 things to make during the year (not all of which have to be knitted). Follow along with this hashtag on Instagram, where you will get lots of ideas and inspiration for projects.

20 for 2021 knitting challenge Curious Handmade

20 for 2021 Knitting Challenge. Image Copyright Curious Handmade.


Knit 20 for 2021


Dear friend of the podcast Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade is running the knit 20 for 2021 challenge. This is more flexible as far as challenges go, and is almost a series of prompts, designed to encourage you to try different things in your knitting, without any pressure. There’s a hashtag to go along with it #20for2021 and you can tick off multiple prompts for one project, which means you don’t need to do 20 projects to take part.

Head over to Curious Handmade to find out how it works, how to enter to win prizes and to download your printable copy of the challenge.

Temperature Blanket

A temperature blanket is another idea for a year long challenge.This is where you record the temperature at a certain location every day through the year. this temperature tells you what colour of stripe to knit. Louise Tilbrook of Everyday Knitter completed one of these in 2020, and has an ebook available, should you wish to create your own version.

Top Tips For Knitting Challenges

Here are my top tips for knitting challenges.

1) Don’t feel like you have to do a challenge.

It’s your knitting. Do what you want. If you don’t think that a challenge will be helpful, don’t join it. Knitting is meant to be fun.

2) Avoid the FOMO.

Don’t get swept up with the latest knitting celeb MKAL for a garment or accessory you’re never going to wear. Think about what you would love to knit. Are there any gaps in your wardrobe? Is there a certain technique you’d love to master? Break down what you need to learn or practice in order to be able to do that project.

Choose mini projects to help you learn those skills in a more achievable and quick way. Use materials that make you excited and inspired to work with them. This will make your learning process fun. Smaller projects will give you the satisfaction of learning the skills without committing to a massive, overwhelming project.

3) Cut yourself some slack.

If you don’t keep up, so what? It’s your hobby and it’s the thing you are trying to learn and it should be fun, not an obligation. Enjoy the process.


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