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Hello and welcome to episode 3 of the podcast: The C Word. This week we are definitely not going to be talking about Christmas knitting, it is a different kind of C. There will also be the Wippin’ Piccadilly section as usual, along with a bit of travel talk about the Kruger National Park and I introduce the Shinybees Knitting Big 5.

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In the welcome section we have a few thank-yous, a reminder about the offer from knitterscarlet, where podcast listeners can receive 10% off in her Etsy shop with the code “Shinybees”. Then, I tell you why Google is not your friend, especially in Afrikaans.

The Skinder ([08:05])

My first attempt at a bit of an essay, this week we will be discussing the C word. Luckily for you, that wont be Christmas knitting, I will be talking about charity. There is a quick run-down of a project I am currently involved in, the Santa Shoebox Project, and there is a charity knitting project for you, Knit-a-Square, both of which are to help the underprivileged in South Africa.

Wippin’ Piccadilly ([17:20])

The Damask is still ongoing, as is Owls. There was a random cast on and off of the Toad Washcloth, and the Matrix Socks (the socks formerly known as Kebnekaise) are nearing completion. Sewing wise, the tracksuit pants are done and there is a bit of a hint at an apron for the Caithness Craft Collective apron swap.

South Africa ([26:05])

This week we talk a bit about the Kruger National Park and how rhinos and boulders look remarkably similar.

Shinybees Knitting Big 5 ([30:18])

A bit of fun for those of you who haven’t seen the ‘Big 5’ in real life, we have my run-down of the knitted big 5. We start easy with elephants, before moving on to lions, rhino, leopard and finally buffalo. For ease of browsing, check out the set on Ravelry. The Natural Surburbia blog by Linda Dawkins is also mentioned.

Wrap up ([41:14])

Thanks to you all for listening and I hope you enjoyed the podcast – let me know what you think about the new sections this week! As always, you can get in touch via Shinybeesinfo@gmail.com, message me on Ravelry or Twitter, where I am ‘Shinybees’, come and join the podcast group on Ravelry or leave a comment here.