Episode 29: A Year of Enabling and How to Make Your Socks Fit

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We’re all about enabling this week on the podcast. The latest knitty news is on the agenda, along with some world class enabling and the official announcement of the Sock Surgery Year of Socks.


Recent crafty-type exploits over Christmas have enjoyed a spot of proper whisky tasting. We tried Glenmorangie, Glen Moray – my local – Talisker Port Ruighe and Aberlour. We learnt all about colour, nosing, legs and adding water to whisky. I won’t be doing tasting on the podcast, but if you want to listen to someone who does know and like her whisky, go over to Caithness Craft Collective and listen to the ‘Drams’ section.

New Year’s Resolutions

How do you do yours? Do you have crafty resolutions each year or do you go down the word of inspiration route? I am a big proponent of just making changes when they need making rather than waiting for New Year. Impulsive? Me? More gung-ho.

This year I will stop knitting knitwear that is too big and knit to my proper size! That means ripping out Lush Mark 1 and reuniting it to my size and casting on a Lush Mark 2 in my proper size in Blacker Jacob/Mohair blend. 2015 is the year of knitting to my figure. Waspish waists and 50’s styling are go!

Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates


This is The Golden Skein’s take on Project365. Want to get a one skein pattern suggestion per day to enable you to knit your lovely skeins in stash? Walk this way my friends!

We will be doing a post a day over on the Golden Skein blog, which we will share around on all the usual social media. Feel free to join in with the hashtag #FreeYourSkeins2015 and show us what you are making or pattern suggestions to be included. They will mostly be knitting patterns although I am hoping to get guest posters for crochet suggestions as I am not accomplished enough to confidently suggest patterns for crochet.

There will also be a chat thread in the TGS Ravelry group as well as collecting all our patterns on Pinterest.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

The tickets and accommodation are booked and the vendor list is out. It’s going to be huge. Taking place on 14 and 15 March 2015 at Edinburgh Corn Exchange, there will be a huge marketplace, workshops and the podcast lounge amongst other exciting things. There are some great vendors that you don’t see everywhere as well as a great Scottish contingent!

Sock Anatomy_baby socks_sock blockers

Sock Surgery Year of Socks

We’ll be kicking off the Sock Surgery Year of Socks in episode 31, due out on 18th January and casting on the following day, 19th January. The socks for the first month will be top down heel flap construction and Kate will be following Clare’s Tarsi pattern. For those who would like to try something different but still with that construction, Clare will be doing a pick of 5 patterns at various skill levels to enable you along no matter what your experience levels!

There will be lots of chat over on the Shinybees Ravelry group. Clare will be doing lots of blog posts, concentrating on techniques and instructional aspects, and I will have more general pattern picks and yarn reviews on this blog, along with some guest posts from Kate.

The hashtag for this will be #SockSurgery. Come and join us!

Sock Surgery

This week there is a lot of chat about how to measure your feet and adjust your socks to ensure the perfect fit.


That is all for this week. Let me know what you think! Happy crafting.

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