Episode 86: Knitting on a Train

Train carriage to add to the bunting train, by the Craftivist Collective, via Flickr

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There can be no escaping EYF chat this week, though there is no rubbing noses in it, I promise. Key points include attending the pub with some podcast Patrons – the benefits are endless folks, get involved. A big thank you to everyone who brought cards and gifts for me, it really blew me away. Special mention to Jenny, Kate and Hannah – a bee cake – Perfect! Still, it’s not a watch… I also thoroughly enjoyed hosting my session on Friday and will be doing a repeat on Thursday at 8. It is my first official webinar and if you’d like to be involved please sign up to the mailing list so I can send you the replay. There will be workshop notes available too. It is entitled ‘How to create a Content Calendar for your Blog or Podcast (and still have time to knit)’.

Notable shout outs this week for Susie and her Zoolander pimping! Her daughter was so enamoured she made this. Dream. Also to Lucy for introducing me to corpsing, had to seriously consider whether to open that email or not.

The #RewindKAL is in full swing for most (I’ve possibly not cast on yet) and the prizes are getting better all the time. Still plenty of time to join in – Team Lush or Team Not Lush is the question. There is also the Walk off KAL to keep in mind. 3 Shawls, 3 teams. Zoolandia by Steven West, Starman by the Wool Kitchen or Hansel by Gudrun Johnston. Choose your favourite and let’s do this.

Show Sponsor

This episode of the Shinybees Podcast is delighted to be sponsored by one of my favourite shops in the world: Fluph.

Dundee’s premier yarnery, situated on Blackness Road, has a treasure trove of delights, from commercial yarns to hand dyed lovelies from the likes of Wool Kitchen. Home of an exclusive range of hand dyed yarns – Rusty Ferret – Fluph also has an online store to indulge yourself in all things yarny. You can find all things Fluph at fluph.co.uk.


Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Once again Jo and Mica did a sterling job of organising the event. Seamless.

I took the somewhat ambitiously named TransPennine Express to Edinburgh. I decided I’d do some knitting, naturally, as I needed something to accompany my gin. I thought I would carry on with my Boo Knits Voodoo and posted a picture to Instagram. It caused uproar. Everyone was very concerned that I’d lose my beads. Worry not, I am a professional and all was well. Upon arrival I continued my knitting, and ginning, it was my birthday celebration after all. There were some lovely people partaking in my fun with me but I was particularly pleased to see my friend Rae – MmedeBeauvoir or Ravelry and Psychoknitter on Instagram – she is hilarious.

Yo Shiny, it's your birthday...

Yo Shiny, it’s your birthday…

Now for the juicy(ish) bit: my purchases. Given that my stash is somewhat saturated I did think very carefully about what I was willing to part with my birthday spends for. I opted for some lovely yarn from The Wool Kitchen – Urban Hints ‘Blood Orange’. It is a 50/50 blend of Merino and Silk 4 Ply. It’s a gradient yarn. I also decided I neeeded a new project bag and the place to be, or so it seemed since the stall was continually busy, was TheLittleGreyGirl. We interviewed Gemma on the podcast last week and it was clear that Edinburgh was everything she had hoped for. I opted for a medium sized project bag with different buildings all over it. Love it. My final purchase was 6 x 100g of Knockando Mill’s Pluscarden Farm.

A few recommendations from EYF include:

Beyond Measure– they are purveyors of lovely haberdashery and frippery to accompany your crafting. Just lovely, Check the events tab on their website to see a list of all the other shows you can find them at this year.

Cowtown Knits– She recently came over from Canada and designs knitting patterns. Definitely worth a look.

Tillyflop Designs– Your one stop shop for knitting and crochet themed cards prints and tatts. Yep, tattoos.

Case of goodness at the Travelknitter/Woolkitchen stall

Case of goodness at the Travelknitter/Woolkitchen stall

BEST IN SHOW…drum roll…pause for effect… the shared stall for Travelknitter and Wool Kitchen. They were assisted by the lovely Woollen Words Amelia. The stall looked great, especially with all the travelling themed items for displaying the amazingly bright yarns. Loved the whole set up and the were deservedly very busy. If I had a massive rosette it would be theirs. To share.

Enablers Corner

This week I am enabling you to The Golden Skein as the yarn for last quarter has now been received by all customers and we have only a handful left. You stand a chance to get your hands on them by joining the mailing list, or you can sign up to the club and prepare for the excitement of next quarter’s yarn. The sign up will be open on the 1st of April for one week. Set a reminder.

The idea of the club is that we send out an inspiration photo to eah of that quarters 3 dyers and choose which base we want them to dye on to. We then set them free and wait to see what wonders they produce for us. All yarns produced are limited edition so it could be something new from a dyer you love or perhaps something from a dyer you’ve never used but fall in love with. The yarns for this quarter were glorious, as always, and are shown below.

Alice Elsworth of Whistlebare. Alice dyed on to her newly released ‘Cuthberts Sock’ base and is the first Mohair yarn we have featured in the club. The family run their own farm and all the material for the yarn is from there. Very cool. The final product is named ‘Sweet Saints Heart’ and has an inherent lustre, like it glows on its own.



Valentina Consalvi of SnailYarn is the first Italian dyer for the club. Hers is the first 100% BFL we’ve had in the club for some time. It wears well and has taken the dye beautifully. Its speckled with lots of colour and we love it.



Heather Darvell of Sparkleduck provided our final yarn – ‘Macaron Mayhem’. She dyed on to her Stratus base which is a 70% BFL, 20% Silk and 10% Cashmere mix. It is a plump luscious base and came from the best inspiration/journey we have seen.



duck insp

Wrap Up

That’s all from me this week. As always, thank you for listening. Feedback is always appreciated, and you can email me or message me via Ravelry or social media. If you enjoyed listening today, please consider leaving an iTunes review, to help others find the podcast too. Happy crafting!

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