Long Term WIPs

I’ve dug up some long term WIPs this week, and it has heartily revived my knitting mojo! Thirteen weeks, stuck at home, on my own with two children. I never thought I would have to do this amount of time on my own with kids ever. Not without some kind of park I can go throw them on, or grandparents I can go throw them at. Or, you know, even just being able to go to the pub and have a drink, quite frankly. So I’m feeling quite proud of myself in some ways. That’s pretty good. Right? You know, everyone’s still alive. Everyone’s reasonably happy. Things are getting done. People are functioning more or less. Some days more, some days less. That’s how it is. And I’m sure it’s very similar story for you. It is from those of you that I’ve been speaking to.

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Reflections on StashFit

On with the knitting then, and the kind of title of today’s quick chat. I have actually knitted this week. I’m very pleased. Last week’s episode, on StashFit, was a semi review, semi rambling introspective about the philosophy of stash and why it’s difficult to get rid of sometimes. At times, the stash has a lot of emotional weight that it probably isn’t entitled to. Depending on where you’ve been, when you’ve bought some yarn or who you are with, there’s a lot of memories involved. You can hear more of this in episode 148 and get some more ideas about how to approach creating a stash that fits.

Snaw Heid hat Vettern by Kate Davies Designs, knitted in Nurturing Fibres Supertwist Sock Wool. Shinybees knitting podcast.

Snaw Heid by Kate Davies Designsm knitted in Nurturing Fibres Supertwist Sock (limited colour way).

Legacy Works-In-Progress aka Long Term WIPs

During the StashFit, I also found a ton of Long Term WIPs lying around.

I love a good WIP.

I love a good project bag.

I’ve got loads of them.

The problem with project bags is, if you’ve got more than one, it don’t matter if you’ve got a WIP in it, because you can get the other one and just put a new WIP in that. Before you know, it, there’s all these legacy WIPs lying around in bags and baskets.That can feel a little restrictive. However, the thing with a WIP, is if it’s a WIP that’s been there for a while, it’s not the same as a new cast on. It can feel like one, because it’s a bit new and exciting, but it isn’t a new cast on. You don’t feel guilty about knitting on that instead of the thing you’re supposed to be finishing.

WIP Treasure

Upon rummaging around in the long term WIPs, I found a Snawheid hat, which is a pattern by Kate Davies for a 4 ply bobble hat, with little snowflakes on it, and a really pretty pattern on the crown. The last time I remember vigorously working on this (and I say vigorously, I have only knitted about two inches of it) was when I lived in Elgin in Scotland. If you’ve been listening for a while – because this podcast has been going for nearly eight years now – or even if you started listening a few weeks ago, like Helen, but you’ve gone through the Elgin chapter, you’ll know that was in 2015. I just picked it up and started knitting on it. I thought: I could totally get this finished. I’m really motivated now to finish this because I’d forgotten all about it. So that’s what I did. And it was really enjoyable.

Actually, I was quite excited about the whole thing. There’s something that feels deeply satisfying about it being such an old WIP as well. Now, it isn’t the oldest WIP in that basket. There’s definitely stuff in there from at least 2013 and earlier.

I’m knitting this project in Nurturing Fibres is the Basotho Blanket self stripe, with the Pony Grey contrast colour, and the Pony Grey contrast colour is acting as the main colour in this hat. As the Pony Grey is also in the self-stripe, there are areas where the pattern almost disappears, as it is Pony Grey and Pony Grey next to each other. It has produced a really interesting variation on the striping and the pattern.

Have you been WIP diving in lockdown? Let me know in the comments below or @Shinybees on social!


I’ll be back again next week, episode 150. In the meantime, please have a lovely, lovely week. Happy crafting and I will speak to you again soon. Cheers.

Music for this episode is with kind permission of Adam and the Walter Boys, with ‘I Need a Drink’ available on iTunes.

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