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Today, we’re talking about StashFit. A Full and Complete destash was considered in Ep 146, which may or may not have been a mid-Corona crisis. This week I review a method for creating a stash that fits. It’s not some ghastly attempt at enforcing small stashed and yarn diets – far from it. StashFit is a well designed process for achieving a stash that creates joy and excitement, instead of guilt and dread.

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Holiday knitting stash


This week I review a method- StashFit – for creating a stash that fits. It’s not some ghastly attempt at enforcing small stashed and yarn diets – far from it. The StashFit process is a well designed method for achieving a stash that creates joy and excitement, instead of guilt and dread.

Cate Carter Evans of Infinite Twist is the dyer behind the system, and she surveyed and worked with many knitters to refine the StashFit process, as well as determine the optimal stash size. She combined all this information in an easy-to-use, printable format. Cate also hosts a thread in her Ravelry group for StashFit.

What Usually Happens When Crafting a Stash

Initial thoughts of the process are that it is very systematic. You know where the danger zone lies if you have had failed destashes in the past. Attempting to destash without a robust exit plan is a recipe for disaster.

What inevitably happens is you:

  • Pull out all the yarn and carefully arrange it on the bed
  • Take a little picture of two for insta #flashyourstash #stashlove
  • Start to daydream about all the possibilities
  • Carefully and lovingly pick each one up and give it a good, long sniff, before lightly rubbing it against your cheek
  • Proclaim ‘ohhhhhh I remember when I bought this at Knit Nation/Yarndale/Edinburgh Yarn Festival/Rhinebeck/Fibre East/Cape Town Hobby X/Wigan Market (delete as applicable)
  • Declare that you can’t possibly part with any of it
  • Decide to wind a few skeins, ready for their new projects (which won’t be started for at least a decade, but it makes you feel like you’ve done sonething
  • Rinse, repeat.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with this approach, especially if it makes you happy, for a lot of us, it doesn’t quite get he job done. In fact, it can bring feelings of guilt and unhappiness. That’s not good.

Sometimes we need to try a different approach to craft a stash that fits.


How Does StashFit Work?

The StashFit workbook has a very systemised and sensible method for approaching the stash curation process. The exercises is the book will help you to:

  • Discern what kinds of projects make you happiest
  • Figure out how much you’ll use in a year
  • Capture and prepare to knit the projects you’re dreaming of
  • Organise the yarn you already have and love into ready-to-knit kits
  • Make your own pocket-sized yarn album as a guide to manage and develop your stash to deliver maximum knitting happiness

You have to do the StashFit exercises before you pull out the stash. This helps your to look objectively at the exercise, instead of getting distracted. This can feel a bit unsettling, but I recommend going with it. If you do what you’ve always done (get the stash out and roll in it) you will get what you have always got.

Things I Like About StashFit

StashFit as a process is very organised and step-by-step, making it easy to follow. Approaching the process from a different angle produces different results, which are more aligned with creating an enjoyable and productive stash. Having ‘backstops’ built in to the procedure (such as a cut-off date for destash sales and a plan for what to do with yarn that doesn’t sell) prevents repetition of past mistakes.

You can find StashFit here priced at $10 (which is about half a skein of ill thought out yarn) so well worth the money for a process that can be repeated again and again.

Thanks to Cate Carter Evans for offering me the opportunity to review StashFit.



Music for this episode is with kind permission of Adam and the Walter Boys – ‘I Need. drink’ – available via iTunes.

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  1. Judith Logan Junop says:

    Hi There
    The link to stashfit isn’t working. Do you have another one perhaps or is it no longer available. It’s in the low 40c here in Toronto and my patience is precarious and destash is all I can think about. We’ve not got Air conditioning and I’m an east coast of Canada girl so the heat doesn’t fit with my DNA. I’m listening to 146 and excited to destash

  2. Judith Logan Junop says:

    Found it. COVID brain over heating ignore previous message. I’ve bought the workbook. Thank you for sharing
    Judith. Aka diva2insta

    1. Jo Milmine says:

      Glad you found it, Judith! I will check the link from my site now. Thanks so much!

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