Ep 148 – StashFit

Stash Fit Today, we’re talking about StashFit. A Full and Complete destash was considered in Ep 146, which may or may not have been a mid-Corona crisis. This week I review a method for creating a stash that fits. It’s not some ghastly attempt at enforcing small stashed and yarn diets – far from it. StashFit is a…

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Episode 103: Active Stash Exploration

The first show of 2017 brings the project of the year for podcast to you. This year, we’re all about Active Stash Exploration. What’s that you say? It’s definitely not cold sheeping, that is for sure. First up we have a quick catch up on happenings, before diving in to some news both for the…

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Episode 91: Is that it?

Listen Here Intro I’ve had lots of happy messages this week, which is nice. First off, LJ is alive, arse and all, and managed to run the whole ruddy thing. Amongst my other lovely messages was one that particularly made me smile. It was from Lisa and made me realise that we need to relax…

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