Wildlife at the new gaff: Part 1

Warthog Sign

Image Details: ‘Warthog Sign’ by puseetee, via Flickr

I thought it was time to share some pictures from our new gaff in SA. I am not very technically competent when it comes to taking photographs, although Mr Shinybees fancies himself as a bit of a photographer. Well, he takes about 200 photos in one go and then ‘edits’ them down to about ‘2 good ones’. I, on the other hand, can see what would make a good photo, I just can’t take one, unfortunately. This will have to change whilst I am expatriated, as there are so many amazing things to photograph here, it would be a great shame if I didn’t manage to improve!

The following images were taken by me in point and shoot mode (my favourite, cough, cough) on my little Canon Ixus 70 hand-me-down camera, which actually takes quite nice pictures on the ‘I’m a camera biff’ mode. Mr S got a swept up 450D, which I think makes him look like a bit of a camera perv. You know, the weird types who loiter around sushi conveyor belts looking for good shots. I’ve nothing against photographers, they take great pictures that I can enjoy and are generally quite a nice bunch. I am averse, however, to creepy photographers. There is no need to go around looking all sinister with your wooly jumper and mac on.

I digress. The animals in question were on and around my garden. A novelty on the first day, I soon came to see some of them as a bit of a nuisance (yes, you, warthog family. Stop. Eating. My. Lawn.) There are also a lot of very pretty birds, which I will cover in a later post, as these move much more quickly and hence are a bit outwith my photographical skills just now.

So first to the internal pets. May I introduce Gary the Gecko, along with his friend Barry. Yes, I was having a pretty inspired day on the name front. They live in Babybee’s room, which is currently a not at all attractive shade of green, but will be being repainted very soon to a much nicer shade. Of green.

Gaz n Baz in residence

Geckos are good because they eat mosquitoes. Geckos are bad because they poo on your walls….

Then we have the outdoor pets. I’ll start with the first ones: warthogs. I had about a day of saying “Ooooh look, warthogs on our lawn, get the camera, get the camera” until I realised that the little blighters and their extended hoggy family smash through your lawn like there is no tomorrow. This will be fine when it starts to grow again, but at the moment it is still winter, and lawn seed is £16 a box here….

This is just the advance party....

And then we have the striped mongoose (mongeese? mongooses?) posse. They look a bit like a cross between the Compare the Market Meerkats and a ferret.

Oooh. What's in there?

I smell Delia lads, get in there!

They swept across the lawn, bold as brass, and rockstarred over to my bins before hopping in and helping themselves. Now, Delia’s Chicken and Chick Peas was pretty good when we ate it the night before, even if I do say so myself. I was, however, still surprised at the cheek of said stripy little chap when he jumped out of the bin and started scoffing the bones in the middle of the lawn!

Dude, there is LOADS of good stuff in here. Get amongst it!

They are very amusing to watch, even if they are emptying the contents of your bin across the lawn for all the neighbours to see. At one point I even ran outside saying “no, no, put that down, you’ll choke you silly animal” as one of them ran down the storm drain with a bit of plastic bag. Like he was a) going to understand me b) stop running away and c) drop said offending article before it got schnaffled and blocked his little intestines. Ah well.

Moving in for the kill...

Then there are the helmeted guinea fowl. They just scratch around a bit in the dust. Their feathers are quite pretty though.

Helmet a bit small from here!

And finally, a little chap I saw outside digging around for moggies. Not sure what he is though….

Big nose

So there you have it. So far the snake count is zero, as is the scorpion count (thankfully!!) I may have to start tipping out the entire box of stash each time to check that no beasties have crawled in there whilst it was unattended!

5 comments on “Wildlife at the new gaff: Part 1

  1. Fantastic post! Loved it. You’ve got me thinking now… Mongeese?

    1. Shinybees says:

      Thanks Martine, glad you liked it. Such a wonderful language, English. One mouse, 2 mice. One louse, 2 lice. One house, 2 houses… how do you get that? I think I’ll go with Mongeese too!

      Look out over the next week for another non-crafty language related post….

  2. Nice to know I come under the “Quite a nice bunch” but have to agree most photographers if not all are weird lol

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