Wildlife at the new gaff Part 2: Reptilian Minions


Image Details: ‘Basilisk’ by asra_valorshon, via Flickr

I covered the slightly furrier residents at Shinybees Huis in Wildlife at the new gaff Part 1, and the non furry Gary and Barry, the geckos that shared the Babybee’s room. Well I have some sad news to report vis-à-vis Gaz and Baz. They are MIA, presumed KIA, and have been for a couple of weeks. I have been holding off on posting this sad news until I could get some kind of confirmation of their status, but as a much larger gecko has taken up residence in one of their usual outside spots, I feel now is the time to come to terms with the fact that they are probably no longer of this earth. I think it is also no coincidence that around the same time that Gaz and Baz first went missing, we were alerted to the presence of another cold blooded animal in our midst.

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Wildlife at the new gaff: Part 1

Warthog Sign

Image Details: ‘Warthog Sign’ by puseetee, via Flickr

I thought it was time to share some pictures from our new gaff in SA. I am not very technically competent when it comes to taking photographs, although Mr Shinybees fancies himself as a bit of a photographer. Well, he takes about 200 photos in one go and then ‘edits’ them down to about ‘2 good ones’. I, on the other hand, can see what would make a good photo, I just can’t take one, unfortunately. This will have to change whilst I am expatriated, as there are so many amazing things to photograph here, it would be a great shame if I didn’t manage to improve!

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