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But this post has nothing to do with Axl Rose and co and everything to do with Shinybabytobee’s latest and coolest handmade gift to date – a Kenana ‘Knitter Critter’ Lion.  This was a gift from one of the Stitchettes at Knit Club (who may or may not have ‘outed’ herself as a knitter via Facebook after the last blog post) and came from a gorgeous new yarn store in Bath, which has been open since last October. I haven’t had the pleasure of perusing this fine looking emporium of all things beautiful and yarny myself (yet!), but I have it on good authority that it is not only utterly wonderful, but that the lady who runs it, Laura, it is equally lovely. The shop is called Wool and they also have a Knit Club, so if you are in the Bath area, I would recommend checking it out.

Made in Kenya

Thank-you Maria and Epuke!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand – the Knitter Critter! This is a stuffed toy, that is hand knitted in home spun wool by women in rural Kenya. The yarn is dyed with plants grown in their garden, and the women use their knitting skills to support their families in a developing economy, where the basic necessities of life are difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. This particular Critter was knitted by Maria and Epuke: I know this because they signed the label it came with, which I think is pretty damn cool in this day and age of faceless mass production.  It has a wonderful handmade look to it: some bits are a little wonky, but you can bet that this lion is absolutely unique amongst all its Critter lion brethren. Fabulous.

All the money raised from sales goes directly to the women knitting the items, paying them a fair wage, with any excess being spent on community welfare projects. You can find more information about the Knitters and Critters as well as the work they are doing in the community and UK Kenana stockists at the Kenana website.

Let’s hope Shinybabytobee inherits my love of the handmade!

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