Count me in!

counter on a zipper

Image Details: ‘counter on a zipper’ by pinprick, via Flickr

The knitting row counter is a device for keeping tally of how many rows have been completed when hand knitting. It can also be used to track the number of increases and decreases made during a pattern. The first on-needle knitting row counters were seen in the UK the 1920s, when complex patterns for recreational knitting became widely available. Originally manufactured from bakelite and later plastic, this type of counter is still in widespread popular use today (see picture above).
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Save the youth, knit a hoodie…


Image Details: ‘Hoodie’ by Davharuk, via Flickr

Nowadays, the humble hoodie, rather than being a utilitarian item of clothing, is often villified as the uniform of choice for the feral ‘yoof’ of Britain. This reputation is perhaps a little unfair: yes, a lot of young people choose to wear one, but then so does my Mum on occasion, for reasons of comfort and warmth rather than to hide her face as she holds up the nearest off-license at knifepoint. Which is clearly what all the ‘yoof’ will be planning on doing with their hoodies on. I think not, somehow. More likely, they will just fancy a sherbet fountain and a gallon of your finest Pepsi Max, please, shopkeeper.
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Welcome to the jungle…

Not actually in the jungle, he's sat in my Dragon plant...

We got fun n games!

But this post has nothing to do with Axl Rose and co and everything to do with Shinybabytobee’s latest and coolest handmade gift to date – a Kenana ‘Knitter Critter’ Lion.¬† This was a gift from one of the Stitchettes at Knit Club (who may or may not have ‘outed’ herself as a knitter via Facebook after the last blog post) and came from a gorgeous new yarn store in Bath, which has been open since last October. I haven’t had the pleasure of perusing this fine looking emporium of all things beautiful and yarny myself (yet!), but I have it on good authority that it is not only utterly wonderful, but that the lady who runs it, Laura, it is equally lovely. The shop is called Wool and they also have a Knit Club, so if you are in the Bath area, I would recommend checking it out.
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The first rule of Knit Club is….

knitted cake

Image details – knitted cake by freeformbyprudence, via Flickr

Don’t talk about Knit Club!

I think I might get this made up into a slogan t-shirt, along with ‘Knitting is not just for Nanas’ or some other suitably informative knitting-related cliches. There is a clandestine ‘stitch and bitch’ going on in the Chateau Shinybees¬† locality, however its members (other than my good self, of course) and its precise location remain shrouded in mystery. I’m an ‘out and proud’ knitter and would quite happily be seen in public, brandishing a pair of knitting irons with gay abandon, my latest work in progress hanging from the needles. Alas, however, the other stitchettes are definitely not out of the knitting closet yet, and prefer to secretly beaver away at their latest project far, far away from prying eyes.
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