Episode 9: The Enemy Within

Funky fur rhino-lion dog, anyone?

Funky fur rhino-lion dog, anyone?

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Hello and welcome to Episode 9 of the Shinybees Podcast. A bit of a mixed barrel with a slightly odd theme running through it: Star Trek! I am not a secret Trekkie, I don’t even know that much about it, but I have been subjected to The Original Series in the weeks since the last podcast in pretty much all of my free evening time, so it has somewhat permeated!

Bared teeth? Check. Judicious application of sinister eye make-up? Check.

Bared teeth? Check. Judicious application of sinister eye make-up? Check.


In the latest news from sunny Seffrica, we revisit the ongoing Knit A Square KAL/CAL. This has been in process since Episode 3 – The C Word – and we are reviving it as winter is coming to SA and there will be many orphans and grannies in need of warmth in the coming weeks. I will be organising a little random prize draw for all those who take part and the first squares are already en route to SA. Come and share your pictures in the thread on the Shinybees podcast group on Ravelry. You can find the Knit A Square Ravelry group here.

Also, I will be taking part in the 4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week organised by Mimi of Eskimimimakes blog. I mentioned earlier in the month on the blog that I would be taking part. There will also be a thread running in the podcast group for those of you taking part: please come and share your blogs so I can have a nosy.

Wippin’ Piccadilly

It seems like a very long time since my last wip round-up. I have put the Owls jumper by Kate Davies into hibernation as I will not have chance to wear it here. New on the needles this time is the Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes, being knit in Flamboyance Yarns Meteor sock in “Mr Blue Sky” colour way. Also new are the Kebnekaise v2.0 socks which I have cast on again in a different colour way by the fabulous Nurturing Fibres. Sewing wise, I finished the Moses pajamas and the matching dressing gown for The Beast. Photos to follow on that one. I also made a burp cloth and bib set for my friend Katharina, using quilting cotton from Abakhan.

Pattern Pick

As usual, another pattern pick, but this time with a distinctly galactic feel. You can check out the set here on Ravelry to provide almost everything you need of a Star Trek theme.


Thank you all for listening. Please feel free to contact me, I love to hear from listeners. I am Shinybees on Ravelry and Twitter, you can leave a comment here on the blog or send me an email at shinybeesinfo@gmail.com. Happy Crafting!


2 comments on “Episode 9: The Enemy Within

  1. Dominoe says:

    Star Trek has the tendency to hook people like that. I personally love The Next Generation and Enterprise. (Not everyone likes ENT, but I loved it.) Enjoy.

    1. Shinybees says:

      Oh I have a whole yet unexplored world of Star Trek to discover. I do love the geeky stuff though, I’m not afraid to admit it.

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