Spinning Wheel at Dusk

Image Details: ‘Spinning Wheel at Dusk’ by mtsofan, via Flickr

As you may have already noticed, I have taken my first step into the world of spinning. Unlike Kylie, I will not be wearing gold hotpants whilst conducting my yarny business, as I’m afraid gold simply isn’t my colour…

During the last post, I mentioned that my friend Cath has been teaching me how to hand spin yarn on her Kromski Symphony spinning wheel. Cath had some Welsh Ewe fibre that we used for the lesson. She was doing a very good job of making a very fine lace-weight yarn – mine started off quite good but then deteriorated into a bit of a lumpy mess half way through. The harder I tried, the worse I got! Anyway, by the end of the lesson I managed to produce something reasonable and I was well and truly hooked. I am now about to purchase my own spinning wheel and have already accidentally ordered a kilo of merino….

This is the skein of yarn from my first go at spinning!

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