Nothing like Ghost: A first go at painting pottery

all i could think about was 'ghost' and demi and patrick swayze and the clay scene...

Image Details: ‘all i could think about was ‘ghost’ and demi and patrick swayze and the clay scene…’ by feeb, via Flickr.

A couple of weeks ago, between Christmas and New Year, we went on a mission to test an overlocker, as I had been promised one for Christmas. Having driven into Hove and found the shop we wanted to go into was closed, we decided to take a turn into Brighton, to go into another sewing shop, which was also closed. I’m all for craft emporiums having a day or two off now and again, just not when I am in the market for an overlocker. Anyway, in order to lift my dampened spirits (it was pouring down with rain too), we decided to conduct a little impromptu crafting in the Painting Pottery Cafe in The Laines.

Instructions for my dear husband...

There was a large selection of pre-made, plain pottery to choose from, with each piece having it’s own price labelled on it. There were also studio fees of £5 per person, to cover the cost of firing and glazing the pottery. The assistant was very helpful and explained how to use all the coloured paints, and we were given a plate with the finished colours on, so we knew how they would turn out after firing. We then took our seats at the table and cracked on.

Understated from Mr Shinybees

Naturally, being given a plate full of paints to play with, I had to cover as much of the mug as possible, whereas Mr Shinybees went for a more basic palette on his espresso mug, which I think looks quite good too. We spent a good couple of hours in there before he was finished and I was bored of repainting the same bits (the paints need about 3 coats to be a solid colour) and we left the pottery to be fired and glazed. It would have been ready to pick up 2 days later, but we were back up north then, so the shop kept hold of them for us. They also display some of the pots in the window whilst they are waiting to be picked up, and that is where ours were when we went to collect them. Very exciting.

Who doesn't love slightly skew-wiff stars?

I would definitely go to the Pottery Cafe again, it was very good fun. I would probably give a bit more thought to what I was going to paint next time though, before going in. There were lots of books and files of tracings to use for inspiration, but I think you would get more money’s worth by planning ahead. It would also be a fun thing to do for a birthday or hen party. With or without Swayze!

Builder tea, half a sugar for me thanks!

With thanks to my Father-in-Law for the photos for this blog. Unfortunately, due to the obscene amount of yarn I bought over the holidays, more so to do with the number of presents I had to bring back for HRH the Babybee, I could not fit the pottery into the suitcases, so it will be staying in the UK until it can be safely transported!

4 comments on “Nothing like Ghost: A first go at painting pottery

  1. mrspapey says:

    I did pottery painting for my hen do near the MetroCentre – it was great as we had the best man’s munchkins with us (and their mother…) and there was a soft-play for them while we got down to some serious arty stuff (ish!) I still have the dish somewhere…

    1. Shinybees says:

      Awesome! It would be quite a cool thing to do with children of a paintbrush-wielding age too I think. If you don’t mind wearing half of it of course!

  2. I visited one in NI on New Years Day, amazing salads, gorgeous stickies but no time to craft, maybe next time :o)

    1. Shinybees says:

      Is the one in Elgin still open?

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