Episode 75: Joyeux Noel

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Image Details: ‘Esprit de Noël’ by Christophe Pinard, via Flickr.

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This week it’s a fairly pensive and reflective mini-essay to start the podcast, prompted by an email from Marguerite in Australia (who drives the biggest trains in the world – amazing!) who reminded me about the time in Africa when the power went down and my friends had an entire dead animal in their freezer, which was slowly defrosting! Sometimes at this time of year, it’s all about looking forward and rushing on to the next thing, without fully appreciating exactly how far we have come.

This has been a truly amazing year for the podcast (thanks to all of you!) and whilst I am feverishly planning bigger and better things for the show next year, if I did not pause to reflect on all the wonderful things we have done together this year, I would miss it. So, I encourage you all to look back over your year with a happy heart, and pick out all those amazing projects you made, the friendships, the learning and the progress. If you achieved some goals you set – well done! You’ve worked hard and you should congratulate yourself accordingly. If you didn’t quite achieve it (hello half of one sock and not the full set of 12 I had planned in the Sock Surgery) allow yourself to let it go; you made space for other achievements when you didn’t quite finish this one.

Please come over to the group on Ravelry and share your highlights and proud achievements for the past year, in knitting or in life, so I can shake those glittery pom poms until I have the arms of a weightlifter.

Pattern Pick

This week we take a look at the humble Bauble as a muse for some Christmas inspiration on the knitty front. There is no excuse for you not to have funky fur/eyelash yarn tinsel next year, my friends!


Congratulations to all those who are finishing projects in the beadalong or #shinybeadalong on Ravelry. I have switched out to Voodoo by Boo Knits. I’ve changed the increases to KYOK on the right side and YO on the wrong side, which has helped me actually get going, as I found the other increases irrationally annoying. You can find more great tips for Boo Knits patterns over in this thread in her group.

Podcast News and the Shinybees Swagporium

The Patreon for the podcast has launched and there are now a variety of rewards available for those who wish to support the production of the podcast. I hope you will enjoy these and if there is anything else you’d like to see, please let me know.

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Also…. drum roll please….

The Shinybees Most Engaged Audience Yarn is about to go on sale in the Shinybees Swagporium (yes, it’s a Thing) which will be opening its fabulous gilded Rococco doors this week. Look out for project bags being added too in January, and maybe even some sturdy gusseted shoppers, as I know you love a sturdy gusset.

The yarn has been designed and will be dyed by Michelle Berry of Berry Colorful Yarnings. I wanted the yarn to be created by someone you’ve met on the podcast and heard all about, and Michelle is an absolute joy to work with. Of course, she also creates the most fabulous self-striping yarns. Psst… there will also be a semi-solid option 😉

If you want to be the first to burst through the virtual Swagporium doors, sign up to the newsletter here.


I’m running a listener survey. Please go here and let me know what you’d like to see from the podcast!

That’s all from me this week. As always, thank you for listening. Feedback is always appreciated, and you can email me or message me via Ravelry or social media. If you enjoyed listening today, please consider leaving an iTunes review, to help others find the podcast too. Happy crafting!

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