Getting used to a new normal is tricky. This week has been challenging for most people and today there is a little bit of chat about that, along with a review of Wist Tha Bahn by Joy McMillan.

New Normal

It’s been a hard week for most people I think, and in this episode there is some chat about that – in particular the inevitable day where you just aren’t in the frame of mind to be doing the whole lockdown/homeschool/work from home shenanigans. This was followed by a triple somersault into a bottle of Amarula Cream for me the next day. Alcohol is not encouraged as a method of dealing with this, incidentally!

It can be helpful to consider lowering your expectations to zero during this time. This helps to avoid self flagellation and it means if you get one thing done, you’ve over-achieved for the day and should give yourself some hearty congratulations. Writing a to-do list can remove the mental merry-go-round of tasks but in itself can add to feeling overwhelmed. Choose a maximum of three tasks from the list and a bonus. This will help you set manageable goals, as well as keeping a lid on over-working. Working longer hours is another way of dealing with stress around the current global situation; take care not to become exhausted through working too much.

If anyone’s children have recently become velcro kids, there’s a little anecdote about this for your amusement.

Review of Wist Tha Bahn by Joy McMillan of The Knitting Goddess

I was gifted a copy of this collection of shawls by Joy back at EYF 2019. In this episode I have a look through the patterns and discuss some ideas for yarns.

You can hear more from Joy in her interview on the podcast. This is a collection of 6 multi-colour shawls with Northern roots designed by Joy. All the patterns use British wool produced in the UK and dyed by The Knitting Goddess.


Baildon by Joy McMillan. Image Copyright Joy McMillan.


Otley by Joy McMillan. Image Copyright Joy McMillan.


Harrogate by Joy McMillan. Image Copyright Joy McMillan.


Menston by Joy McMillan. Image Copyright Joy McMillan.


Leathley by Joy McMillan. Image Copyright Joy McMillan.


Beckwith by Joy McMillan. Image Copyright Joy McMillan.

You can find each pattern available as single pattern PDFs on Ravelry at £5 each or get the whole collection for £10.

Wrap up

That’s all for this week.

Music for this episode is by Adam and the Walter Boys with ‘I Need a Drink’ available on iTunes.

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    Those shawls love, love, love!

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