A Scotch Egg to Knit?

A Scotch Egg is not a substantial knit. Today’s episode is once again inspired by the creative blessing that is Lockdown 2020. We’re in Tier 3 – STILL – in the North West of England and going to the pub is a distant summer memory. But for those lucky people in Tier 2, it’s still possible. Well, possible as long as you have a substantial meal with your pint of Timothy Taylor’s, anyway.

There’s much been made of what constitutes a substantial meal over the past week. This intensified when George Eustice declared a Scotch Egg to be a substantial meal. Now, in the north, that’s a snack, friends. Alas, this has led to a vigourous increase in meme traffic and general mickey taking. Michael Gove – who has never said anything remotely sensible as a minister, ever – broke with his usual guff to say that he’d consider scoffing a couple of Scotch Eggs as a starter. This could be the first sensible thing he’s ever come out with.

What is a Scotch Egg, Anyway?

A Scotch egg consists of a whole soft or hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked or deep-fried.

Sadly, Carbs Don’t Kill The Rona

My main beef with this is that in the north, as you’ll know, if you listened to Ep 162 we take our stodgy, greasy carbs very seriously. So, if a Scotch Egg does have some sort of protective ability, by the same logic, there would be zero covid in the north. And I could go have my babies yed with half a Theakston’s in the pub, with my knitting.

Which Brings us to the Scotch Egg Knitting Patterns

Naturally, I was inspired to undertake a search for a knitted or crocheted Scotch Egg. Feeling sure there had to be some available, I dove headfirst into Ravelry, only to discover that there was not a single pattern available for one to craft their own Scotch Egg. There is a first time for everything, and Ravelry has often provided the most niche of pattern ideas. Sadly not this time – and although it would have been nice to have a knitted Scotch Egg to proffer to Chorley’s finest constabulary, should they query my substantial meal in the pub, it would seem this time I am left wanting. And the pub is still shut anyway.


The Delicious Little Joys KAL is still ongoing over in the Shinybees Podcast Clubhouse. I’m working on my Glitz at the Ritz shawl by Helen Stewart. This is a free pattern from Knitty.
I’m using Eden Cottage Yarns Bedale 4ply, which is a 50% Baby Yak, 50% Mulberry Silk blend, in the colour way ‘Steel’. Miyuki Triangle 5.0 beads are the choice to accompany this yarn. Both have been in stash a while, so it’s nice to release them!

Glitz at the Ritz by Helen Stewart. Image Copyright Helen Stewart.

If you haven’t joined the KAL yet, but would like to, you’re very welcome.


  • A patterns that brings joy
  • A yarn that makes you feel joyful
  • A commitment to finding delicious little joys in the everyday (and sharing good recipes with us all for the edible joys!)
  • Project can be new or existing
  • KAL runs until February.


Music for this episode is used with kind permission of Adam and the Walter Boys with ‘I Need a Drink’ – available from iTunes.

2 comments on “Ep 166 – A Scotch Egg is Not a Substantial Knit

  1. ReginaMary says:

    The thought of brandishing a knitted egg whilst drinking at a pub is brilliant!!

    1. Jo Milmine says:

      I may well create one just for this purpose, if we’re ever allowed back in the pub of course…

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