The Sweater Curse

You may or may not have heard before about the infamous folklore that is the Boyfriend Sweater Curse, also known as The Sweater Curse. The Love Sweater Curse occurs when a knitter undertakes to knit a jumper for a significant other, and this leads to the breakdown of the relationship – sometimes before the recipient has even received the gift!

Does the Sweater Curse really exist?

In a 2005 survey, 15% of knitters reported having experienced this very curse. 41% believed that it might be true. So it’s worth knowing about, even if you don’t believe in it.

What Causes the Sweater Curse?

There are a number of schools of though as to what causes the Sweater Curse. Knitting a jumper simply takes a long time. It could be that the relationship is already running its natural course, regardless of the Sweater Curse. Perhaps the knitter is making the sweater as a grand gesture, aware subconsciously that the relationship is waning, and wishing to recover it.

Not everyone (I KNOW – WHAT?!) likes knitwear or wants to wear it. The recipient may feel it is easier to get rid of the knitter than the knitwear! Or perhaps the knitter discovers ever more interesting facets of the hobby, and spends so much time knitting, they simply forget about their significant other.

The reasons for the Sweater Curse are quite wide.

Food of the North West – Wigan Kebab, Smack Barm Pay Wet, Babbie’s Yed

This subject came up as I am about to -finally – undertake knitting a jumper for my massive husband. On the way to the knitting, the topic of Wiganese food is covered in some depth, including the Wigan Kebab, Babbie’s Yed and Smack Barm Pey Wet. It is via this high carb and extremely beige route that one’s Southern husband – who has some very questionable chip habits – came to earn the honour of having his very first jumper knitted for him.

Here you can see the taste test at the Trawlerman first hand. After Rona, I might even do us a little field trip there.

It’s a BARM

Remember – it’s a barm cake. It’s not a bap, bread roll, bread cake, cob, muffin or any of that nonsense. We’ll have no trouble, here!

For Fox Sake by Maxim Cyr. image Copyright Maximtheknitter

Future Knitting Projects

In a not too passive aggressive at all way, the jumper of choice is For Fox Sake by Maxim Cyr. You can get the pattern on Ravelry for CAN $10.

I’m considering West Yorkshire Spinners Croft DK for this project. As the orange shade for the fox is not available (I am not keen on the yellow in this range) I may consider Illustrious instead.

Glitz at the Ritz by Helen Stewart. Image Copyright Helen Stewart.

I’m also going to be knitting Glitz at the Ritz by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade. This will be knit in Eden Cottage Yarns Bedale 4ply (50% baby yak, 50% silk) with some Muzuki triangle beads from stash. The pattern is free and available from Knitty.


I’m going to be running a KAL over in the podcast clubhouse. The theme is Delicious Little Joys – and adding as many in to your daily life as you would like to or need to. Of course, edible joys are great, but any little treats for you that bring you joy are heartily encouraged.

Knit what you want with what you want and join us here.

We start on 15th November. #deliciouslittlejoysKAL

I’m also considering organising a swap – more to come on that.


Music for this episode is ‘I Need A Drink’ with kind permission of Adam and the Walter Boys and is available to download via iTunes.

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  1. Martha Peach says:

    Hello, I really enjoy your podcast and look forward to more!

    1. Jo Milmine says:

      Thanks so much, Martha!

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