Colourwork Sock Inspiration

Socktober continues to inspire in this episode. Colourwork socks are always pretty impressive. Whilst they are on the trickier side of sock knitting, they are with the effort. Ten of the best colourwork sock patterns made it into this episode’s pattern pick for your Socktober inspiration.

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Colourwork Sock Patterns to Inspire and Delight

Many of these suggestions contain links to Ravelry, which has caused issues for some users. If you need help accessing the patterns, please email me and I will be glad to help. Please don’t click the links if you may or will be adversely affected by Ravelry’s recent update.

Zwergenaufstand by Ducathi. Image Copyright Brigitte Deiminger

1) Zwergenaufstand by Ducathi

This is a super fun pattern with an unexpected twist on the sole! This all over colourwork pattern is knitted in 4ply yarn and uses tessellated motifs on the top and underneath. On the bottom of the sole is a cheeky little dwarf! You can buy the pattern for €5 on Ravelry.

Swedish Fish by SpillyJane. Image Copyright spillyjane.

2) Swedish Fish Socks by SpillyJane

Remember those Fish and Chips snacks that were popular in the 80s? The motif on these socks is very reminiscent of those. You can buy this pattern on Ravelry for $6.

Kathia Kanssa by Lumi Karmitsa. Image Copyright Lumi Karmitsa.

3) Kathia Kanssa by Lumi Karmitsa

Lumi Karmitsa is a bit of a colourwork socks superstar. This is just one of a collection of patterns and comes in Finnish only at the moment. You can buy this pattern on Ravelry for €6.

Pünktchen by Fritzi Creativ. Image Copyright Fritzi Creativ.

4) Pünktchen by Fritzi Creative

This fantastic free colourwork sock pattern is a great way to show off gradient, fade and variegated yarns. It’s a free pattern you can get from Ravelry.

Plácido Flamingo by JennyPenny. Image Copyright JennyPenny.

5) Placido Flamingo by JennyPenny

Who doesn’t love a flamingo? These colourwork socks are great fun. Find them on Ravelry for SEK50.

Happy Haunts Socks by Valorie Wibbens. Image Copyright Valorie Wibbens.

6) Happy Haunts Socks by Valorie Wibbens

More of a recipe rather than a pattern, this free recipe for ghoulish socks is sure to be a hit at Halloween. Find it free on Ravelry.

The Bee Socks by The Knitted Dingo. Image Copyright The Knitted Dingo.

7)The Bee Socks by The Knitted Dingo

I’d love a pair of these intarsia bee socks. The pattern is £7 on Ravelry.

Bird Resting Place by Dela Hausmann. Image Copyright Dela Hausmann

8) Bird Resting Place by Dela Hausmann

Love the way these silhouettes are all different in thus colourwork sock pattern. Crazy Zauberballs are a great choice for the contract colour to add interest. It’s free and you can download it here.

Spooky Socks by Kristen McLaren. Image Copyright Kristen McLaren.

Spooky Socks by Kristen McLaren

A cool tweak on the Christmas stocking, but for Halloween. Personalise this pattern by mixing up the order of the strips on the socks. Also ideal for using up scraps or mini-skeins. You can buy the pattern on Ravelry for $5.

Hexbin by Dots Dabbles. Image Copyright Dots Dabbles.

Hexbin by Dots Dabbles

A colourwork sock pattern that really makes the most of colour changing yarns for the contrast colour to produce interesting effects. Buy this pattern on Ravelry for €5.


Music for this episode was provided with kind permission of Adam and the Walter Boys with ‘I Need a Drink’, available on iTunes.

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