When it comes to knitting resources, you often forget what you know. That is to say, that what might seem blindingly obvious to you, or so easy you can’t believe nobody else finds it a breeze, might be something you need to share with the world.

After sharing the Knitty First Fall collection in the Shinybees Podcast Clubhouse, I realised I was doing a similar thing. I assumed everyone knew about Knitty, an online knitting publication that has been going for 18 years. Thankfully, some of my awesome community members alerted me to the fact that not everyone does indeed know about Knitty.

Suitably inspired, I decided to share some of my little black book of great knitting resources and websites for you this week.

Shinybees Podcast Community

We’ve made the move over to Mighty Networks, where you can find the new home of the podcast community. I have been wanting to get off Facebook for ages. Although it isn’t perfect, Mighty Networks is a much better place to hang out. For one, there are no adverts at all on there, but also it is a lovely place to be as everyone is super friendly. I’m in there every day now chatting and have some ideas about cool things we can do in there in future including KALs etc.

You can join the community here.

I know some members of the Facebook group had problems with a super spammy pop-up appearing when they were trying to follow a link I left in there to cross over to MN. I have changed out that link now, and followed up with Mighty Networks, in case it was a security issue. It wasn’t a MN pop-up problem. It was actually coming from Facebook. I know this, as I was served the same pop-up when I clicked on someone’s PAID AD! That would have left me fuming if I was them.

Some listeners won’t want to add another place to be online to those they already have and that’s ok. I hope you will give it a try, if not now, then at some point in the future.

Evolution by Susan Crawford Vintage. Image Copyright Susan Crawford Vintage.

Evolution by Susan Crawford Vintage

I’ve reviewed Evolution by Susan Crawford already in an earlier episode, and have Orchidaecae in my queue.

Susan has reported that Facebook and Instagram will not allow her to use either platform for promotion of Evolution. Her review request queuing this was denied. Having been the recipient of some pretty nasty emails when she first announced the title of this collection, it would appear it is contentious in some circles. Evolution here is about Susan’s personal evolution, through surviving aggressive breast cancer and her double mastectomy, as well as the evolution of the knitwear she studied for five years to produce The Vintage Shetland Project.

I can’t wait for my physical copy to arrive as I pre-ordered the title already.

Orchidaceae by Susan Crawford. Image Copyright Susan Crawford.

Five Fantastic Knitting Resources And Yarn Websites You Might Not Know About

There are some great knitting sites available and I often forget that not everyone has discovered them yet. That was the case this week during a discussion on the Shinybees Podcast Community. I shared the new Knitty First Fall publication, and found that some people had never heard of Knitty! So, this week I have shared some of my favourite knitting resources and sites that I come back to often.


Knitty has been running since 2002 and has a great mixture of free patterns, articles and tutorials for all levels of knitter. Run by Amy Singer, it’s a treasure trove of pattern inspiration and is where a lot of new pattern designers go to cut their teeth designing. Anyone can submit a pattern to Knitty, and there is some good guidance about what a new designer needs to bear in mind when doing so.

Craft Yarn Council

Next up is the Craft Yarn Council, where you will find lots of industry standard information about things like sizing, conventions etc. There are also plenty of downloadables for icons and other paraphernalia to use on your patterns. Guidance for the new designer is plentiful and aimed at helping you make good design submissions.


Yarnsub will help you find yarns to substitute in for the yarn a pattern calls for.

Knitting History Forum

Knitting History Forum has a large array of resources and reading lists for learning more about historical aspects of knitting from all over the world.

Tin Can Knits

Tin Can Knits not only offer a massive array of knitting patterns, but also a pattern collection specifically designed to facilitate teaching knitting – The Simple Collection. They also have tutorials on their website for every technique used in their patterns.


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