Choose Your Own Adventure with your Knitting

This week there’s a new home for the podcast community on the horizon. There’s a lot of chat about that – and about the general negativity of social media in general. The podcast is intended to be a fun and uplifting experience, so I am reluctant to bring listeners to a community on a platform that is negative and horrible to be on. I’m fleshing out the platform ready to move over, but the podcast community will be leaving Facebook in the next few weeks. A roundup of knitting fails follows this chat, and I discuss needing to rip back an 80% complete jumper.

Social Media is a Negative Vortex of Doom

Doom scrolling; it’s a thing. But we all seem to fall victim to it when we least want to, and it doesn’t really help us to lead a happy and fulfilling life. As they say, cr*p in, cr*p out. I am actively trying to manage my scrolling such that it doesn’t contribute to making me feel bad. Nobody needs to be filling their head full of of negativity and rubbish, particularly in times like these.

Shinybees Facebook Community

That all being said, it’s pretty obvious that a new home is needed for the podcast community. It’s currently on Facebook, which we already know is a massive negative influence, gives passing regard for privacy and if it’s free, you are the product. I don’t want my ‘front room’ where I welcome my dear and much loved listeners to hang out, to be in some skanky, dirty back alley. I want us to have a positive, fun and uplifting place to be, to share ideas and make new friends. One that Zuck isn’t actively trying to monetise and distort. As such, we need to leave Facebook.

I’ve narrowed down the options to two platforms. I know this will mean moving off something that is very familiar, but I hope you will come along with me for the ride. It’s important to me to make it a worthwhile place to be, and I think the experience there will be more rewarding and useful. More details to follow on this.

Knit Your Own Adventure

It’s up to you what you knit with. Whether it it the most fashionable and expensive high end yarns and patterns from this week’s Insta-knitty-darling, or cheap and cheerful yarn and a free pattern, the whole point of knitting is that you can make whatever you want using whatever you want. There is no knitting police.

Part of the fun of knitting is learning new skills and becoming proficient in choosing yarns to create certain effects with your garments. Sometimes, we get it wrong. That’s ok. That’s what frogging was invented for.

If you want to follow trends, go for it. If you feel bad for not following trends or using the latest, most expensive yarns, unfollow those people. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

You have permission to make whatever makes you happy.


Music for this episode is Adam and the Walter Boys with ‘I Need a Drink’ available on iTunes.

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