It’s been a while since I was last behind the mic, owing to some unexpected turns of events and globetrotting. All is fine now, though, and I am back in the UK, with some podcasting equipment and able to record and speak to you again. This episode is a quick catch up, with a little knitting and an invitation to share some books you’re currently enjoying. The show will be recorded as often as possible going forward, as we’re now practising self isolation. We’re not symptomatic, just being sensible people who are following the advice given. As such, I’m going to be here as much as possible via the podcast over the coming weeks, to keep you company, supply even more irreverent humour and share knitty news.

On the run

We left China in early January and went on leave to Bali in Indonesia. Now before I come off all fancy, this is sort of the equivalent of going to Benidorm from the UK; it’s not super far. Whilst we were there, Covid-19 kicked off in a big way and our flights back to the UK for the wedding we ere attending in February were cancelled. Additionally, the company suggested we extend our leave in the hope it would all have blown over by the time we got back (ha!), so we went back to the UK. As I’d not been expecting to go back there I had no winter clothes, no wedding outfit and no podcasting rig, so putting out episodes was a little challenging. Fast forward two weeks and I was on my way to South Africa to do some work there, just after procuring a new microphone to use in the meantime.

We had a great two weeks in South Africa before having to make a mad dash back to the UK on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday, after visas were revoked for UK citizens. After having flights cancelled a couple of times already, we decided to go as quickly as possible, which involved a 5 hour/400km drive to get to the airport with only a few hours notice in which to pack and grab sleep. Thankfully, we’re now safely back in the UK and will be here for the foreseeable.

But what now?

The short answer is I don’t know. Milly is back in China by himself for now, and I have gone to ground with the kids at home in order to follow government advice and avoid contracting or spreading the virus. I know a lot of you are at home self isolating or are worried, so I am thinking of ways I can be of help or entertainment whilst this period in ongoing. The best way is through the podcast and finding lots of kitty entertainment and inspiration. I’m also going to be sharing lots of podcast recommendations too.


A lot of us will be doing more reading over the next few weeks – I am currently doing a 52 books in 52 weeks challenge myself. I have a Goodreads profile and if you wish to add me you can here.

Yarn Acquisition: Nurturing Fibres Supertwist DK in ‘Sapphire’

Sourced from the ever lovely Gina at Natural Yarns from her store at Imhoff Farm, I’m now looking for a good jumper pattern for this yarn. All suggestions welcome!

Wrap up

I’ll be back with more podcast fun soon!

Music from this episode is Adam and the Walter Boys with ‘I Need a Drink’ available from iTunes.

4 comments on “Ep 137 – On the Run From the Corona

  1. Lori aka Golfnknit on Ravelry says:

    Hello Jo! SO happy to hear all your news… this did not load on your Podcast Feed even though I am subscribed … thought you would like to know. I was able to get it because I get your emails. Will anxiously be awaiting more podcasts… love to listen when I knit : )
    Would love to visit you on Ravelry… I’ve never gotten the hang of groups on Facebook. Let us know where and how to best follow you.
    Thanks so much! Listening from California (usa)

    1. Jo Milmine says:

      Thanks Lori – I will take a look at the feed – sometimes it can be delayed. Also if there haven’t been episodes for a while (oops!) then it sometimes also pauses downloads. There is a group on Ravelry that has been there for years but sort of died off a little a couple fo years ago as must people weren’t really using the forums. I’d love my own bit of real estate online for us all to gather. Will definitely let you know when that is sorted. Hope all is well in California!

  2. Heidi Fieldston says:

    Glad you’re safe. Happy to hear you’re planning to keep us entertained. Love your sense of humor. I made it home to near Boston MA USA from Visiting Milan with cv chasing me in late February. Now listening while I make cloth cases for n95 masks since the hospitals are short and these will help them reuse. Crazy times! Cheers. Heidi

    1. Jo Milmine says:

      Thanks Heidi! Glad to hear you are back safe – it is very odd to be trying to out-run the virus. What do the cloth cases involve in terms of production etc?

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