baby feet

Image Details: ‘baby feet’ by Amy the Nurse, via Flickr

I thought I would share one of the latest mini-projects completed Chez Shinybees, now that the intended recipient will have indeed received his gift. I was inspired to make these after receiving a beautiful handknitted cardigan and bootie set from Baby G’s Mum when the Babybee arrived. I needed a small and relatively quick project, as the Babybee was sucking me into a crafting (and blogging) black hole with the seemingly endless feeding-nappy-wind the bobbin up-sleep if you’re lucky, Mother routine and I wanted the baby in question to receive them sometime before his 18th birthday. So, to Ravelry!

I plumped for the Saartje’s Booties pattern, as it is one I’ve done a few times before, and because I desperately wanted to use some cool aeroplane buttons that have been shouting to me in a little squeaky voice from my stash for months. It is quite hard to find boyish patterns that have buttons on, and although the Saartje Booties aren’t exactly the most manly of bootie (are any booties ‘manly?!’) it did mean I could use 4 of the buttons and some of the nice Sublime Soya Cotton I have stashed, as nobody wants to wear wool in summer! I do find the Saartje pattern needs a bit of tweaking to get the results I am looking for, in terms of needle size and adding extra stitches/rows to make the size come out big enough to fit someone other than Barbie.

And here is the finished item!

Disco slippers

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