Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2013

Writing Apparatus

Image Details: “Writing Apparatus” by Kazarelth, via Flickr.

The 4th annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is coming up next month, between the 22nd and 28th April. This is run by Mimi of the Eskimimimakes Blog, and involves Knitting and Crochet bloggers taking part in a week-long series of blogs, one per day, on a specific theme. The themes for this year are due to be released tomorrow, so if the idea of doing a post a day is a bit daunting, you can write some in advance and schedule them to post automatically on the given day. This is also good if you are expecting to be away or busy during that week.


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Episode 4: Close Encounters

Close Encounter in Zimbabwe

Image Details: ‘Close Encounter in Zimbabwe’ by hchalkley, via Flickr.

Hello and Welcome to Episode 4 of the Shinybees Podcast: Close Encounters. A warm welcome to all new and returning listeners! This week is mostly about rhinos and cake. In the words of Aerosmith, “Just Push Play.”

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Episode 2: Stop. Bunny time!

The League of Shadow Bunnies

Image Details: ‘The League of Shadow Bunnies’ by LexnGer, via Flickr.

Hello and welcome one and all to episode 2 of the podcast: Stop. Bunny time! This week promises a lot of travel chatter as I have just been off on a road trip around Kwa-Zulu Natal, Swaziland and the Kruger National Park.

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Image Details: ‘bunting’ by mrjamie, via Flickr.

Bunting was originally a type of fabric, used since the 17th Century, used to make, amongst other things, signal flags for the Royal Navy. The term ‘bunting’ is also used to refer to a collection of flags, particularly those of a ship. In the last couple of years, it has also become the home decor accessory of choice in such style bibles as Ideal Home.

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Getting Your Crafty Ducks in a Row

organized threads

Image Details: ‘organized threads’ by jenni waterloo, via Flickr.

I have an inbuilt hatred of being Too Organised. Despite my military background, which you would think would have forced me into being a bit more regimented after several years of loyal service to Queen and country, I find the whole concept of getting things organised to the nth degree suffocating. That is not to say I am a massively disorganised person, because believe it or not I do have a plan (yes, I can hear the wails of protest from here, but stick with me people – especially you, Sal and Kate!) it’s just in my head. I am one of those people whose husband, a lovely gentleman with an acute case of OCD, despairs at them, because my ‘guff’ – books, knitting, general notes and paperwork – is dotted in little piles around the house instead of being put away Nice and Neatly In Its Place. I defy his pleading cries to tidy up, because in my mind this is tidy. I don’t lose things. Ask me where anything is in my house and I can take you straight to it. Granted, it might not be in the most obvious place to most people, but I know where it is. This, I feel, is more important than having stuff neat but not knowing where you have put it so neatly.

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Day 6: Improving your Skill Set.

Skills Drop Off

Image Details: ‘Skills Drop Off’ by squacco, via Flickr.

Day 5 of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week brings the subject of improving your skill set to the table. As a knitter, I find that once you know a couple of basic stitches and how to cast on and off, you open up a whole world of pattern and project opportunities. Granted, it’s a bit fiddly to start with and there is all the stitch dropping and creating, frustration, laughter and undoubtedly the odd expletive, but I have yet to meet anyone who has not been quite proud of their first project. I still remember starting the Knit Club, way back in the day now, and the competitive crafting that took off when knitting a pair of garter stitch baby booties. I can’t say whether they are all still knitting in secret without me poking them in the bum with a 12mm needle, or plying them with wine, cake and some good chatter, but should they ever feel the need to pick up sticks and string again, I know they will have the confidence to do so.

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K&C Blog Week: My Knitting or Crochet Hero

Arasaig + Heroes = this weekend

Image Details: ‘Arasaig + Heroes = this weekend’ by starshaped, via Flickr.

So, day 3 of the Knitting and Crochet blog week and day 1 of my submissions. I find blogging a very organic thing that happens when I have something to say and usually the writing happens very easily. I must say, writing what someone else has told me to is quite hard, maybe I should try and do a bit more of it in future instead of prattling on about whatever is currently getting my goat.

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Wippin’ Piccadilly

Map of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway System, Manchester Victoria Station

Image Details: ‘Map of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway System, Manchester Victoria Station’, by mrrobertwade (wadey), via Flickr.

“Once upon a time, not too long go, we took a day out in Manchester,

We all fall down, there’s not enough hours in our day.”

On 13 April, 1998, Gomez’s ‘Bring it On’ was released. ‘Whippin’ Piccadilly’ was a single from this Mercury Music Prize winning album of the same year. This song, for some unknown reason, comes into my head whenever I think about my ever expanding pile of WIPs; I do in fact also own the album, however it is not normally music to knit to. It does remind me of those halcyon college days, drinking pernod and black at the indie night at Wigan Pier, being young enough to not get a hangover and too young to remember pernod and black actually being in fashion.

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Not so Extreme Makeover: Man-Cave to Craft Haven

The Herdybank!

Over the last couple of weeks, I have dedicated some time to sorting out the study. By ‘sorting out’, I mean completely changing its designated role from ‘ramshackle study-cum-mancave’ to ‘lovely crafty room of awesomeness’. I was aided and abetted in this feat of engineering by my dear and long-suffering husband (LSH), who, as you have heard before, suffers from a not too mild case of OCD. I quickly realised that, if I left my crafty ‘guff’,as he calls it, (just wait until I get round to those hand knitted socks, he’ll be scoffing on the other side of his well-attired toes) lying around for long enough, then eventually my ‘change of use’ application would be approved for the study. Ahem, craft room. It only took 3 months of sewing machines on the dining table and various piles of patterns, books, fabric and notions being all over the living room for him to agree to my hostile takeover. That, plus the Babybee is now disturbingly mobile and in the habit of inserting anything she gets her grubby little toast hands on to into her cakehole, with little to no regard as to how life-limiting putting said object into her mouth will be.

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Project paralysis

Tied to a Chair

Image Details: ‘Tied to a Chair’ by Hanna-, via Flickr.

Twitter keeps happily reminding me how many days/hours it is until Christmas. As I have mentioned countless times on here, I love Christmas. Nothing pleases me more than rebelliously putting the Christmas tree up in the last couple of days of November. Any excuse to adorn the house with tinsel and yet more fairy lights is a good one, in my book. Unfortunately, all this talk of festive cheer and my very exciting but imminent return to the UK for a Costa minty hot chocolate and a decent curry is getting a bit stressful. How so? I hear you cry. Well, because I am suffering from another craft-related phenomena. One I shall call ‘Project Paralysis’.

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