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Whilst randomly perusing the Ravelry boards one day in early August, I came across a thread which listed all the blog giveaways, online discounts and competitions.  I have previously entered a few giveaways on my favourite blogs, and won a bit fat zero prizes – same as whenever I play bingo. Despite participating in what is seen by many who are not ‘in the know’ as yet another Granny pastime (like knitting) for the last ten years, obviously not counting any Easter egg bingo or the many years playing it on the games compendium before that, I have only ever won £10. That was in 2005, I was at university and we went mental and spent it on 3 kebabs. Not all for me, I hasten to add. There were 3 of us!

So, when a lady called Lisa Bogart, aka LisaWriter on Rav, was trying to send knitting needles to as many different places as possible, I decided to PM her. As I was moving to SA, I thought it would be a good opportunity to test the postal system, and to help put another country on the map. I was really pleased that SA hadn’t yet been covered and she promised to send them out the following week. They were posted on 17 August and arrived on 5 September. Whoop, whoop!

Lisa has written a book, ‘Knit with Love’, which is out in October 2011 but is available for pre-order now. I took a look at her website and it looks like quite an interesting read, so I think I will be ordering a copy. To be honest, they had me at the knitting soldiers. I am not sure how long it will take to make the journey to SA, but I may also do a review on it at some stage on the blog.

I think it is a very cool idea to spread the knitting love by sending needles around the world. I think my first project with them will be some kind of blankie/comforter type affair for the Babybee, with some pretty lurid Snuggly Snowflake that I picked up from Black Sheep Wools when I left the Motherland to drive down South to get the plane. I clearly wasn’t 100%, as can be seen from the picture. Both balls aren’t even from the same lot. But hey, it’ll be covered in drool soon so no-one will notice!

I know it's terrible. I make no excuses!

I suggested that the next book should be the tale of where all her needles ended up, if it is, I expect a mention!

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  1. Congratulations. I have never won anything in a blog giveaway, maybe someday 🙂 Judy

    1. Shinybees says:

      Thanks Judy – fingers crossed!

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