tangled yarn

Episode 53: Knitting Socks in Summer

Listen Here Intro KnitSpinCake’s Aimee is back at the mic. You can find her shop at Harbour Yarns. Also, tickets for the Great London Yarn Crawl go on sale 1st July 2015. Will you be there? All proceeds from the crawl go to Refuge.

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Episode 33: How to Fix Your Socks When They Go Wrong and a Review of 23cm Asymmetric Mini Circulars for Socks

It’s very socktacular this week with the return of the Sock Surgery. The show kicks off with a review of the 9.5″ (9″) / 23cm asymmetric circular needles from Kinki Amibari, kindly given for review by Rachel at www.tangled-yarn.co.uk. Clare will also be reviewing these on her blog in the near future. My verdict: quite…

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