Justus’ Malva Pudding Recipe

Image Details: ‘Malva Pudding’ by Jon Mountjoy, via Flickr. Here is the recipe from Episode 4 of the Podcast, where I was joined by Justus to make the South African staple that is Malva Pudding. This is definitely not a diet pudding. Calorie content is unknown, but I suspect it would be red across the…

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Episode 1: Send in the Hogs!

Hello and welcome to the shownotes for the first official Shinybees podcast. For those of you coming back after the Pilot Episode, great to see you again, and a warm welcome to any new listeners. Listen here

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The Brits’ first Braai!

Image Details: ‘Braai’ by hyper7pro, via Flickr So after a couple of months of training in this central part of South African social culture, it was time for the Brits to have a bash at braaing. Braai is the Afrikaans word for ‘barbecue’ or ‘grill’ and, unlike the amateurish attempts made the minute there is…

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