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Episode 99: When Pokemon Go and Yarn Collide

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First and foremost I need you all to know that I have penned my letter to last episode’s feckless judge. I shall let you know what his response is, should he dare to make one. The big news this week is that I am selling my moneypit aka my house. Anyone for a big Victorian number in Wigan? Mates rates (not really). This does however mean that I am mega busy cleaning and planting stuff and de-cluttering, of course, so do look out for me freeing some of my skeins in a sale in the not too distant future. In my busyness I did make time to pop on a narrowboat and it got me thinking again about planning a knitting trip on a narrowboat, let me know if you fancy it, once I’ve got numbers I’ll order the buffet and we’re off. I’ve looked into this, priced it up and all, it could be a reality quite easily. Just think about the crazy that could ensure from 12 knitters on a boat.

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Episode 93 – Alpaca Love

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These hot temperatures are having some side effects, I need to open my windows for survival. That means the choice between some potential atmospheric background noise or an unconscious host. I’ve soldiered on in the belief that I’m pretty pivotal to this podcast and chosen the former. As summer approaches we are beginning to think about summer knitting, which I have discussed before, quelle surprise in the approach to last summer and summer knitting yarns.

Today is the first instalment of my fibre focus on Alpaca. More Alpaca love was requested by a listener in my survey last year and as always your wish is my command. I will touch on it today as an introduction but there will be much more info to come in the coming weeks.


Oh I’ve a few things to share with you today. Firstly, and probably most importantly, the New Media Europe awards are back. Remember those from last year??

Yeah you do, you bunch of winners you!

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Episode 80: Relax

Relaxing at John F. Kennedy Park by Edson Chilundo

Relaxing at John F. Kennedy Park by Edson Chilundo via Flickr

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This week I am back to something resembling my old bouncy self and am using this platform to impart wise words about not biting off more than you can chew and ‘caning it’. Oh and chatting very enthusiastically about Zoolander. Blue Steel! Zoolander KAL anyone?? It’s all a bit sing-songy this week too.

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Episode 70: An Interview With Boo Knits

Image Copyright Boo Knits

Image Copyright Boo Knits

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This week I am delighted to bring Bev aka Boo Knits onto the show for an interview! After knitting her Out of Darkness pattern – known to listeners of the show as the ‘Shawl of Awesome’- I was keen to chat to her and hear about her journey into designing and what inspires her.


Bev’s journey into design was quite by accident, when she could not find the right pattern for a precious skein of Fyberspates Faery Wings, and decided to create her own. The first pattern was enthusiastically received and people began to ask when the next would be coming out. Her husband suggested this could be a good way to pay for her yarn, so she decided to pursue the opportunity.

A lover of high quality and hand dyed yarns, Bev advocates knitting only with what you truly love and paying the extra couple of pounds to have what you really want. In terms of dyers, Lichtfaden and Hedgehog Fibres are current favourites.

You can find Bev on Ravelry and be welcomed into the friendly and active Boo Knits group.


Bev has very kindly donated three prizes to a giveaway palooza: a complete pattern collection and two single patterns. In order to enter, pop over to the group on Ravelry and leave a comment saying which is your favourite Boo Knits pattern.

'Be With You' by Boo Knits. Image Copyright Boo Knits.

‘Be With You’ by Boo Knits. Image Copyright Boo Knits.


There’s still plenty of time to take part in the #beadalong – you can find details on Ravelry here.


I’m running a listener survey. Please go here and let me know what you’d like to see from the podcast!

Also, I’ve started a mailing list. You can sign up here and I’ll send you all the latest podcast news, along with the occasional comedy dog in knitwear.

That’s all from me this week. As always, thank you for listening. Feedback is always appreciated, and you can email me or message me via Ravelry or social media. If you enjoyed listening today, please consider leaving an iTunes review, to help others find the podcast too. Happy crafting!