Recently I took part in my first ever swap. I have heard about them from various podcasters and blogs but had never actually got around to signing up to one, chiefly due to always missing the end date or just being a bit too intimidated by all the rules and self-induced pressure to get it right.

This all changed when the first ever South African Ravelry group swap was set up. I decided to join in, even though getting hold of any yarn which isn’t acrylic or crochet cotton round here is nigh on impossible unless you mail order it and take your chances with the SAPO. Not that there is anything wrong with acrylic, or crochet cotton for that matter: I’m no yarn snob and I am not ashamed to admit it. However, not everyone shares my sentiments on this, usually people who don’t have children and therefore have not yet come to appreciate the relative benefits of machine washable yarn. I reckon there are only so many times you can wash butternut squash out of hand-painted cashmerino before you either a) have a nervous breakdown or b) resolve only to feed your child foods which match the colour of said hand painted loveliness. Which is fine if it’s beige. If it’s cerise pink? Not so much.

So, I was teamed up with a knitter from Cape Town, to whom I sent my hard-prepared package, and I received a package from a different knitter from Cape Town. Here are my goodies:


I was very pleased with the Colourspun roving, it is just my colour. Almost every swap recipient received some Nurturing Fibres yarn because it’s awesome and as such everyone here loves it. I also got some other great goodies. I especially like the mini soaps, they smell beautiful.

So, my opinion on swaps? Very exciting and good fun, but a little stressful! All self-induced pressure, mind, as everyone wants to make a cool parcel up for their partner and get them things that they will like. Give it a try!

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