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Crafting is one of those pastimes whereby it makes it hard to do anything else at the same time.  Unless you’re doing a million rows of stocking stitch or something else equally mindless, you are going to end up cocking something up if you try and watch the TV at the same time as working on your latest project. When I’m baking, I like to listen to Radio 4: bit random I know, but at least it is vaguely educational. When I’m crafting though, I listen to podcasts. Now there are many out there, on all different subjects and from all over the world. Personally, I prefer British podcasts: there are a raft of American ones that are really well written and presented, but I do find listening to the accent a little hard work, so I like to keep it local.

Handmade card by iMake

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So, onto my first review of the blog, which is the iMake podcast. This show is written and presented by Martine, a college lecturer and multi-crafter, who lives in Guernsey. It’s published roughly every fortnight and has been running since August 2010.  I discovered this particular podcast before Christmas, when I was busy making all manner of presents for people and was firmly in multi-crafting mode. Luckily for me, the iMake podcast is a multi-craft one, and has covered all sorts of things in its first 15 epsiodes, from card making, to knitting, sewing, bath bomb, candle and soap making. It has even covered some things I haven’t previously heard of, such as making jewellery with precious metal clay, which involves using a blowtorch and sounds pretty awesome in a dangerous/fire sort of way. Each episode also has a section on a subject related to Guernsey, a place I’ve never been fortunate enough to visit, but I think I’d be well on the way to getting at least an 8 out of 10 in a pub quiz round on the island now thanks to iMake!

The show itself is really professional and well produced. Martine reminds me a little bit of the PR4L  (albeit not at all Irish) and her voice makes for an easy listen. I like the fact that you never know which craft the next episode will be about and also the comprehensive show notes that accompany each one, so you can follow up on things that have been discussed easily afterwards. The blog, which can also be found on the iMake website, has featured lots of helpful articles and tutorials, so if you need your crafty fix inbetween podcasts, or a little inspiration, you can find it there. Martine has also been very gracious in helping me on a couple of occasions with tricky bits in knitting patterns and most recently with the blog: she has just written an excellent post about starting your own blog, in case any of you are inspired to enter the blogosphere!

So, if you’re new to podcasts, have a ridiculously short attention span and get wildly engrossed in a different craft every day of the week (me!), want to learn a bit more about Guernsey or just listen to something a bit different, I’d definitely recommend that you give iMake a listen. You can download the podcast via the iMake website or the iTunes store. Enjoy!

4 comments on “Podcast review:iMake

  1. Martine says:

    This is SUCH a nice review – thank you sooo much! I am so glad you are enjoying the podcast 🙂

    1. Shinybees says:

      You are most welcome. The podcast got me through several tricky glitter-related incidents before Christmas. It was life or death at one point, I can tell you. Keep up the great work!

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