Pennies Per Hour of Pleasure (P/Hop) Knit and Crochet Along.

new cranfords

‘New Cranfords.’ Image shared with kind permission of Jane Lithgow, probablyjane on Flickr.

For those of you who don’t listen to the podcast, I thought I would let you in on the new knit and crochet along we are starting in the Ravelry group for the show – the P/hop KAL. Inspired by the recent appointment of the lovely Kate from Kate’s Twirl blog and famous roving reporter of the iMake podcast as the new co-ordinator at P/hop, the P/hop KAL will be starting tomorrow, 1st July 2013. Don’t worry if you can’t cast on tomorrow, you can still join at any time thereafter, once you have cleared down your current wips or found the perfect yarn for your P/hop project.

This KAL (and CAL, there are crochet patterns too) is for any P/hop pattern. If you look in your queue, you will probably have one already in there, as there have been some beautiful patterns donated. If not, check out the patterns here on Ravelry. I know it is difficult to narrow down to just one project, but you can always cast another on when you have finished and carry on the P/hop fun! All you need to do is download that pattern and then make a donation to P/hop, who raise money for Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF). If you aren’t familiar with the work of MSF, you can look here to find out what they do around the world as well as in South Africa, where they provide support in tackling endemic and epidemic disease, as well as exclusion from access to healthcare. The idea is that you make a donation of pennies per hour of pleasure you get from knitting or crocheting the patterns.


We will be following everyone’s progress and indulging in a bit of chatter and banter over on the thread in the Shinybees Podcast group on Ravelry. We will also be using the hashtag #phopkal on Twitter for more up to the minute chat. As usual, I am sure there will be a liberal dose of good humour there too!

I will be knitting the Cranford Mitts in Jelliebean Yarns’ ‘Red Dragon’s Blood’, which is a sparkly, red sock yarn. I think these mitts will be a great wear in Autumn back in the UK for pram pushing and dog walking. I might even make 2 pairs and keep one for best! I was sorely tempted by the beautiful Trinity Shawlette, however as I already have a laceweight shawl on the go that is also a deadline project and I am notoriously slow at shawl KALs, I’m going to stick with something small.

Come and join us! What will you be knitting?

9 comments on “Pennies Per Hour of Pleasure (P/Hop) Knit and Crochet Along.

  1. Stel says:

    How utterly beautiful are those gloves! Will have a look at the list as well.

    1. Shinybees says:

      I know. I hope mine do the pattern justice! Am I right that I saw your blog mentioned in this month’s Ideas Magazine?

  2. I can’t decide… the cranford mitts are lovely but I might be tempted to knit another trinity shawl 😉

    1. Shinybees says:

      So difficult to decide with so many lovely patterns. I so need a Trinity shawl in my life too. Had that queued forever too! Any ideas on which yarn you will go for?

      1. I think I’m going to going to knit the mitts, I have someone in mind for a gift and I’m going to knit them in Araucania Botany Lace. it’s just gorgeous and about the right weight.

        1. Shinybees says:

          Good choice! Looking forward to seeing how they turn out. Beautifully, I suspect!

  3. This is such a great idea Jo! MSF do so much amazing work and the p/hop idea is sheer brilliance. I am holding back on the cast on as I need to be good and clear some long standing WIPS. I will be casting on soon. I think I will knit the Waterhouse Mitts, though I am very tempted to knit the Cranford Mitts too…. there I go wanting to “knit all the things” again.

    1. Shinybees says:

      It’s great to be able to support a charity doing such important work and knit some beautiful patterns at the same time, isn’t it?!

      Grey? Grey mitts?

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