Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget - RBL poppy appeal

Image Details: ‘Lest We Forget’ by macspite, via Flickr

Today is Remembrance Sunday, which isn’t anywhere near as big an occasion in SA as it is in the UK.

I have some great memories of selling poppies as a teenager. Getting to the Legion as soon as the doors were open so we could get our box of poppies, blagging the taxi drivers at the taxi rank to buy car poppies and chatting to older people as they stopped to donate and pass comment on how smart we looked in our uniforms. Going back to the Legion at lunchtime, absolutely freezing, to get some sweet tea and a pastie from the ladies who would be helping out there and to thaw out a bit, because the heating was always on full bat. I also remember further back, watching the Festival of Remembrance with my Grandad as a child. He was in the Merchant Navy during the war, and was torpedoed twice. Unfortunately this earned him a reputation as a bit of a Jonah!

I quite like to decorate my poppies. Usually this is in a glittery fashion, as I do like a bit of sparkle. Unfortunately, when you are a baby, your poppy wearing tends to be minimised as they don’t stand up that well to being eaten, glittery or otherwise. So, in order that she be correctly attired, the Babybee needed a more baby-safe poppy. She informed me that she wanted a posh poppy, like the Queen has. Figures.

Fancy poppy, like the Queen has.

This was a library image on the embroidery machine. Next year I plan to design my own. We will remember them!

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