Happy Blogday: A Year in the Life of the Shinybees Blog

Birthday Cake

Image Details: ‘Birthday Cake’ by Omer Wazir, via Flickr

The Shinybees blog is 1 year old today. It was on 13th February 2011 that I wrote my first proper blog post – ‘The First Rule of Knit Club‘. So, I have decided to do a little round up of posts for the last year for those of you who may have missed out on a bit of comedy genius. Or not, as the case may be. Anyway…

My favourite blog post: Your House Was Very Small. I still laugh every time I read it. I still despise woodchip with a burning passion.

My least favourite blog post: Magazine Review: Mollie Makes. I just didn’t feel very ‘funny’ writing it, and I like to put a lot of humour into my posts.

Favourite guest blog post: Building the Cosmac ELF. This post hasn’t been nearly as popular as it should have been. Possibly due to lack of knitting. Again, I found it funny to proofread, as did the author, my dear and long suffering husband, who shares my keen sense of humour, but is a far bigger geek than me!

Blog post that made me the most angry when writing: Have Knitting, Will Travel: At the Airport. There needs to be one rule for all airports in the UK regarding knitting on planes. That is all.

Post most likely to be totally useless to an Apple aficionado: Mobile Me.

Most read blog post: Magazine review: Mollie Makes.

Least read blog post: Big me up, Buttercup.

There have also been an assortment of comedy search terms that brought people to my little blog, including (but not limited to):

  • Shelties dressed as people
  • 1970s Mothercare brochures
  • simple flat cakes for February
  • Birdseye polar bear knitted scarf
  • knittings (sic) for nanas
  • I asked for a short back and sides
  • tied to sewing machine
  • woodchip is evil
  • lime green retro phone (bet this person was disappointed)
  • can’t get enough champagne bucket
  • pictures of a dark cellar with a girl tied up in a chair. (anyone else slightly worried by this one?)

And my personal favourite, and why oh why Google thought the answer might be here I do not know:

  • cock knits.

Needless to say there are no patterns for cocks of any description, knitted or otherwise, on this blog. Snigger.

The cockerel

Image Details: ‘The cockerel’ by Svetlana Bezovchuk, via Flickr.

I have attempted to devise my own branch of physics concerning things to do with craft. In ‘Why Everyone Needs Stash‘ I came up with Shinybees’ First Law of Stash, which will make me famous someday, I am sure. If not, it will justify all the yarn purchases you will ever need. ‘Knitting Perfectionists Anonymous‘ discussed the darker side of knitting perfectionism and Project Paralysis sort of speaks for itself.

I have offered my unsolicited opinion on the following reviews: Mollie Makes Magazine, Cath Kidston’s ‘Sew’, Kirstie Allsopp’s ‘Craft‘, Bloglovin’, the Black Sheep Craft Barn and the fabulous iMake podcast.

There are blog posts inspired by our move to SA: The Brits’ First Braai, Wildlife at the New Gaff #1 and #2, The Spirit of Christmas and D-Day.

There is also a series of posts about new stuff I am learning or first goes at things: Afrikaant, The Sock Monster, Nothing like Ghost, Spinning Around, So Far Sew Good, On the Naughty Chair and Damask of Doom.

And finally….

There is Count Me In, the blog post about the most awesome knitting counter ever, the ‘Unnycount‘.

There were also some other posts that I just couldn’t shoehorn in, so feel free to check those out too. I would love to hear your thoughts on favourite blog posts, highs and lows of the bloggerly year, the geekiness of my dear husband and the level to which woodchip offends the very essence of your being, so please leave comments below!

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  1. Yeah! Happy Blogday 🙂 I love reading your blog, keep up the good work!


    1. Shinybees says:

      Thanks Martine – and thanks for all the help regarding random blog questions!

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