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Few thoughts on news items this week, I’m feeling all topical. Think Mock the Week meets Nevermind the Buzzcocks but with only one panelist and three knitty stories…

Before we get going though I want to remind you that I am still preparing for Episode 100 and so am open to any ideas. There are a few on the table already but nowt has been decided as yet so send ’em in.

Oh and my Voodoo shawl is still missing – cheers Royal Mail – so if you happen upon it send it my way. I may even have to start doing my own blocking because of this. Pah.

Mock the Week – Shiny Style

First to Dundee for a story of road rage, assault and the worst impersonation of Better Call Saul I’ve seen yet. A woman gets peeved at the driving skills of another woman and demonstrates this feeling. The crap driver takes umbrage with this and so follows the woman for 5-10 minutes, waits til she has nowhere left to go, approaches her car, throws the door open and lands her a punch in the chops.

A somewhat open and close case you may think. Here’s where it gets crazy. When it goes to court the Sheriff hands out knitting as punishment! Apparently the assailant just happened to be going the same way as the victim as she was heading to a ‘specialist wool shop’- ‘Ah, Fluph‘ I hear you say…nope… the Acrylic Palace that is The Knitting Pin. Well we’ve caught her in a lie already: ‘specialist wool’?

The Sheriff seizes upon this and doles out knitting jumpers for charity by December as her punishment. I am beyond fuming. If this was a young lad he’d be banged up, but because this woman says she can knock out a jumper for £6 in 3 days (ahem) then she can chuck those together and avoid real punishment. It is the most ludicrous thing I think I’ve ever heard. I’m emotional about it and I’m going to start a petition. What kind of solicitor did the victim have, seriously?

A Faroe Mapping Sheep by Durita Dahl Andreassen

A Faroe Mapping Sheep by Durita Dahl Andreassen

To calm me down I next discuss the sheer genius that is ‘Sheepview‘. What are you gonna do when Google won’t come and Street View your little archipelago? Strap 360 cameras to sheep, obvs. The people of the Faroe Islands are feeling a little aggrieved at being missed out so they have created their own version of street view. I highly commend their use of local resources to overcome service gaps. Now we can all get to know the islands by watching from the back end of a sheep. What is not to love about this story? #wewantgooglestreetview – I’ll sign your petition if you sign mine (see above). We should all aim to be a little more Faroe today my friends.

Poisoned Blood (c) DyeForYarn

Poisoned Blood (c) DyeForYarn

Lastly I review a rather humorous tale of unexpected fame brought to my attention by Paul Davies at Retro Asylum. It concerns DyeForYarn, whom I adore, and the quite frankly magnificent names they use for their vast number of yarns. The article itself is questionably written with minimal banter but was kicked off by a Twitter user – Kendra W – humorously asking if the health of the DyeForYarn folks – that’s Nicole and Cordula to you and I – was OK due to the slightly odd choices. I get that ‘Poisoned Blood’ and ‘A Bat in a Dark Mood’ might sound bizarre to the untrained ear but it’s no biggie in this crazy yarn world. The tweet was re-tweeted 23,106 times and favourited 41,928 times. Bet our Kendra had a few more followers these days.

That really must be all from me, I have a petition to start and a strongly worded letter to send.

Wrap Up

That’s all from me this week. As always, thank you for listening. Feedback is always appreciated, and you can email me or message me via Ravelry or social media. If you enjoyed listening today, please consider leaving an iTunes review, to help others find the podcast too. Happy crafting!