Episode 23: Knit Your Own Halloween

Londeyr napin

Image Details: ‘Londeyr napin’ by pstainthorp, via Flickr.

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Hello and welcome in to this special bonus episode of the podcast. Take a break from answering your door to hoards of sugar fuelled children, grab your knitting and let me remind you of the history of Halloween. It’s not trick or treating round these parts. It’s guising.

Don’t use a turnip instead of a pumpkin – they stink.


Image Details: ‘Tink’ by n3tuf8, via Flickr

Competitive carving – it is a Thing?

The chosen ones

Image Details: ‘chosen ones’ by vufindr1, via Flickr.

Pattern Pick

This week it would be rude not to celebrate the finest selection of pumpkin themed patterns in the 25 pages of results Ravelry has to offer.


Don’t forget there is still time to enter the giveaway from episode 22. Be quick, I would hate your o miss your chance to win this prize palooza!

Thanks for listening, hope you all have a great Halloween and speak to you all again soon!

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