Episode 17: Funky, Funky, Funky, Fresh!

Here Lies Funk

Image Details: ‘Here Lies Funk’ by Robert Francis, via Flickr.

Hello and welcome to Episode 17 of the podcast, the one in which I am in the mother of all knitting funks. Slam dunk the funk. The funk of 40,000 years.

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Image Details: ‘Dundee’ by Gavin Craigie, via Flickr.


Coming back to you from the Kingdom of Fife, where it is entirely possible to buy haggis pakora. I have been seeing the sights of Dundee and becoming well acquainted with the local yarneries, in particular the fabulous Fluph.

Wee Blue Thingy in the Fluph Window

Wee Blue Thingy in the Fluph Window

I am in the midst of the world’s biggest knitting funk. This was at least partially broken by a brief interlude with some Sirdar Smiley Stripes, a fact that I felt necessary to confess to one Ysolda Teague at Kathy’s Knits on Love Your Yarn Shop day. I purchased a copy of Ysolda’s ‘Little Red in the City‘ so it’s not all bad.

Any and all suggestions to remedy said funk are greatly appreciated. Also, if you know the actual name of this knitting disease, let me know!

Yarn Shop Review – Be Inspired Fibres, Edinburgh

This episode, I chat about a recent trip to Be Inspired Fibres in Marchmont, Edinburgh. This is run by the lovely Mei and is one of the yarn shops taking part in the Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl, which is taking place on 21st June 2014.

Wippin’ Piccadilly

Painful recollection of some of my ongoing works-in-progress. First up is the vanilla socks with afterthought heel. I’m not using a pattern for this especially, and it is being knit is some yarn from The Golden Skeinsecond quarter Power of 3 club. More details and photos to follow on that one. We also have Sammy’s Funk Busting Tank Top in the Sirdar Smiley Stripes, which is about 90% done but languishing due to my reluctance to pick up the neckband, or indeed so anything fiddly at the moment. Next is the ElsabĂ©’s Angel project, which is the Guardian Angel pattern by Sally Cameron. Still ongoing are the Ribbelmuster socks. Then we gave up as it all got a bit too depressing!

Pattern Pick

This week it is a whole book of recommendation. Thanks to Jen ‘DQKnits’ for bringing this little gem to my attention: WTF Knits.

Also sneaked into here a recommendation for a new South African knitting video podcast by the wonderful Sally Cameron aka ‘Pinkhairgirl’. She has pink hair and you can hear all about her knitting and designing exploits here. Highly recommended!

Wrap Up

That’s it for this week, music as always provided by Adam and The Walter Boys, “I Need a Drink”, via Music Alley. Please feel free to contact me via the blog, email, Ravelry or Twitter with any feedback or just for a general chat. Thanks for listening!

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